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Mar 06, 2023

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Once you start recognizing the lies you've been believing and start telling yourself the truth, you'll find that it's easier to agree with God and break free of things that have been holding you back and keeping you from walking in your destiny.

The truth sets you free by changing the way you think about things.

  • When you change what you believe, your thoughts change.
  • When you change the way you think your feelings change.
  • When you feel differently about things it will affect the way you behave.
  • When your behaviour changes, your whole life will begin to change.

When you regularly renew your mind with God's word you will find that you walk in newfound confidence and have the courage to follow your God-given dreams.

"I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you received." Ephesians 4:1

May 13, 2022

Jesus Himself is interceding for you ❤

May 10, 2022

What To do When You're Struggling

Feb 28, 2019

Do You Know What God In Mind When He Created You?

Free coaching seminar to help you discover your life purpose and walk in your calling so you can fulfill your destiny by doing what you were put on earth to do. 💕

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Feb 18, 2019

Life Purpose Coaching Program

life purpose

Coaching program to help you discover your life purpose & identify your calling so you can start living life ON PURPOSE and do what you were put on earth to do

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Jan 31, 2019

Trust that God is at work behind the scenes

God IS working even when you can't see it and don't understand what's going on ❤️

<Trust when you pray

Jan 22, 2019

FREE Coaching: Keys To Breakthrough

I've scheduled a FREE online coaching seminar and YOU are invited. I hope you'll plan to join me so that you can discover how to get unstuck and finally get the breakthrough you're hoping for.

If you want to learn how to get past the obstacles and finally breakthrough plan to join us.

I'm going to share the keys you need to unlock your breakthrough. And I'll be sharing powerful techniques you need to help you get past the roadblocks and finally walk in your destiny.

I will share practical strategies and tools—plus the wisdom to know how to apply them in your life!

GO HERE to register for Keys to unlock your breakthrough and get unstuck.

Jun 19, 2018

Trust God with all your heart

Trust God with all your heart and don't rely on your own understanding... ONLY believe!


Jun 17, 2018

Allow yourself time to enjoy the little things


May 09, 2018

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Much of what happens in your life happens because of the way you think. Learning how to deal with your thoughts is the first step toward a renewed mind and healthy thinking.

May 07, 2018

What are you creating with your words?

The saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is so wrong. Words DO hurt, and they can leave lasting wounds. Words are a powerful creative force, We can use them to bring blessings and life or curses and death. We get to choose.

Apr 28, 2018

21 Ways To Build Yourself Up and Brighten Your Day

Encourage your heart and nourish your soul using these simple strategies. Be kind to YOU!

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Apr 24, 2018

Who you are in Christ and WHY you need to know!

God's opinion is the one that counts. When you agree with God about what HE says about you, your life will be transformed!!

Nov 03, 2017

Take every thought captive

When you stop talking about the problem and start focusing on solutions you set the scene for positive change.Take thoughts captive

If you want to get over something, you need to stop talking about it!

Your thoughts affect what you say, and what you say affects your thoughts.

If you're going to stop talking about something you need to stop thinking about it!

That means that you need to POLICE your thoughts and redirect them to more helpful, life giving places.

Nov 30, 2016

The Bridge to Your Future

I hope you'll join me for a no cost, live online seminar, where I help you to discover how to give birth to the dreams God has planted in yourheart.

GO HERE to register for Crossing The Bridge To Your Future"

During this seminar, I will talk about

  • How to create an environment that supports your God given dreams
  • Identifying the people who can help you as you journey towards making those dreams a reality
  • The extraordinary power of blessing
  • Identifying the next steps for you
  • And much more...

I hope you will join me on this livebroadcast so that you can be inspired and equipped to reach for the more that God has for you.

Blessings for peace and joy.


Ps If the time doesn't work for you, register anyway and I'll send you a link to the replay.

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Nov 22, 2016

4 VERY Special Thanksgiving Offers...

If you'd appreciate help to transform YOUR life AND the lives of the people the Lord brings across your path, I'm offering my own EARLY version of a Black Friday Sale, to help make it easier for you to BECOME who you really are in Christ, DO what you are called to do, and be equipped to effectively help the people God brings to you.

The Keys to A New You

A 16-part email coaching program that helps you transform your life from the INSIDE out ─ 60% OFF! Just $40 or £30

Discover Your Life Purpose

So you can DO what you were put on earth to do and fulfil your calling ─ an inspiring 6-week coaching program LESS THAN HALF PRICE! Just $100 or £80

Christian Life Coach Training

This training program is already extremely good value BUT in the spirit of giving, for a very limited time, I am offering you $100 (£80) OFF the price AND my 8 week How to Hear God Coaching Program FREE as a bonus!

There has never been a better time to equip yourself to help people to breakthrough and transform your own life at the same time.


If you are already a trained life coach or counsellor... you can train as a Christian Marriage Coach and get $100 (£80) OFF the normal price!

I have NEVER before offered ANY discount for the marriage coach training and I doubt I will again.

This is where you'll find the

Keys to 4 VERY special life changing offers

Please feel free to share the page with your friends so that they can be blessed too.

Be blessed to be a blessing, and know that I thank God for YOU ҉


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Jul 27, 2016

God is still speaking and He wants YOU to hear Him.

Join us on this free online seminar and discover how to encounter God in new ways so that you can have the closer walk with God you long for.

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Oct 27, 2015

Today I have a gift for you.

Last week I watched an extraordinary broadcast that I want to share with you.

It is being repeated this week. Go here to register while it is available at no cost.

If you have a destiny yet to fulfill, prophecies you want to see come to pass, a calling that is beckoning, a vision or assignment that you believe God has given you to complete, I highly recommend you listen in.

David didn't get the results he was hoping for when he had the ark transported. As a result, a man named Uzzah died!

After enquiring of the Lord and getting HIS instructions, David realized that he had chosen the WRONG people to transport the ark, and he hadn't instructed them in how to PROPERLY transport the ark either. Once he did it GOD'S WAY, he fulfilled his mission!

We do the same thing. Rather than enquiring about WHO to align ourselves with, and HOW and WHEN, we presume we know what to do and then we wonder why we aren't moving forward or why things aren't working the way we think they should.

We need A NEW strategy - a clear way to hear from God's Spirit so that we can live LIFE fulfilled and fulfill our destiny and callings!

My friend Cheryl-Ann Needham has worked with people across the globe helping them to STEWARD what God has entrusted to them so that they can EXPERIENCE the BREAKTHROUGH they need.

Everything she does is based in Scripture and prophetic revelation; Cheryl-Ann has a clear strategy for how to form alignments (relationships) in a way that MOVES OBSTACLES out of the way, OPENS THE DOOR to what you need, and positions you for God's blessing and favour on your life.

I encourage you to accept my invitation to Cheryl-Ann Needham's NO COST life-changing, online seminar "Sound Alignment: Keys to Execute Your Kingdom Mandate" TODAY October 27 at 6pm UK time, 2 pm Eastern Time.

(If the time doesn't work register anyway and we will send you the REPLAY.

Go here to reserve your place

I know you will be blessed and receive keys to break through as you watch and listen and put into practice what you learn.

Blessings to step into all God has for you!


Mar 20, 2015

Christian Life Coach Training - Biblical Coach Training & Certification

Christian coach training testimonial

Christian life coach training - Affordable Christian coach training from the comfort of home. You can train to be a life coach in just 10 weeks!

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Mar 20, 2015

What one of my students has to say about the life coach training with me

It means so much when students take time to write and let me know how much they've appreciated the life coach training with me. Thank you ‪#‎AudreyMarieHessler‬

Dec 24, 2014

A Christmas Prayer...

Christmas Prayer

Found on

Dec 20, 2014

Is the Lord Calling YOU to Get Equipped to Help People More Effectively?

You Can Train To Be A Christian Life Coach In Just 10 Weeks!

AND you can train from the comfort of your own home. Registration is now open for training starting in January.

You'll find all the details here Christian Life Coach Training

If you have a passion to help people get unstuck and experience breakthroughs then this Christian life coach training course could be just what you're looking for.

Our life coach training isn't just for people who want to set up in business as a life coach.

Dec 18, 2014

Coaching Program!!


If you want to check it out first you'll find all the details here
A Renewed You Coaching Program

Oct 13, 2014

Bless The Lord At ALL Times

I bless God every chance I get; my lungs expand with his praise. I live and breathe God; if things aren't going well, hear this and be happy:

Join me in spreading the news;together let's get the word out. God met me more than halfway, He freed me from my anxious fears.

Look at Him; give him your warmest smile. Never hide your feelings from him.

When I was desperate, I called out, and God got me out of a tight spot.God's angels set up a circle of protection around us while we pray.

Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see—how good God is. Blessed are you who run to him. Psalm 34:1-8 The Message

All will be well

Oct 12, 2014

What If...?

Your mindset either works for you or against you. Choose Life in all it's fullness. Stop holding yourself back by thinking of all the things that could go wrong... What if it actually worked?

All will be well

Aug 07, 2014

Doing ONE right thing is...

One right thing is better than 100 good things

It's more important to do the ONE right thing than a hundred good things. Check in with God, ask Him what is the most important thing to do, don't let yourself get derailed from the best by the good.

If you want to learn how to Hear God this short coaching guide takes you be the hand and shows you how... How To Hear God Coaching Guide

Aug 06, 2014

Blessed are they who...

Blessed are they who...

Blessed are they who believe that what God has said to them will be accomplished.

I encourage you to stand firm and choose to believe what God has said to you even when circumstances suggest otherwise.

Aug 05, 2014

Without faith it is Impossible to please God

Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God

Without faith it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God. True faith believes God MORE than feelings and thoughts and circumstances.

Aug 04, 2014

Transformed life in 16 weeks?

My 16 week email coaching program has been a hit because it's a very affordable way of getting unstuck and transforming your life.

You'll be pleased to know that it is more affordable than ever $25/m for 4 months (that's around £15)

Take a look at and see if this is what you have been looking for to help you transform your life from the inside out. You can get started in minutes.

If you would like someone alongside while you transform your life but don't want the expense of one to one coaching, this is for you.

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Aug 04, 2014

Faith, hope, and love...

faith, hope and love transform lives

"Together, faith, hope, and love are a powerful force...they help transform the atmosphere around you, be positive in a negative world, and bear good fruit." Lynne Lee

Aug 02, 2014

YOU can be a qualified Christian life coach by Christmas!

If you have a passion to help people get unstuck and experience breakthroughs then our Christian life coach training could be just what you're looking for.

Taking registrations now for courses starting in September

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Mar 23, 2014

Forever Transformed

Learning how to Hear God will change your life forever.

How To Hear God Review

You'll find it here UK => Amazon UK USA =>

There are links to free resources available inside the book, that help you to go deeper in your how to hear God journey, they are worth way more than the price of the book. I trust that you will be richly blessed.

Mar 17, 2014

How To Hear God is now available as a paper back through Amazon

God is a speaking God; He has never stopped speaking to His people. God is continually speaking and He wants YOU to be able hear Him.He isn't a mute stone idol. Contrary to popular belief, God isn't just the Author of a set of rules to be obeyed, or a clever philosophy on how to make life a little better.How To Hear God

God is a loving Father whose deepest desire is to have a two-way conversational relationship with the apple of His eye, His beloved creation. It thrills me to know that we have an invitation from God Himself into the sacred privilege of a close, intimate relationship with Him.

You'll find it here Amazon UK | |And through Amazon worldwide.

There is a link to free bonus resources in the book. They are included for people who want to go deeper with God, and they are worth way more than the price of the book. I trust that you will be richly blessed.

By the way, if you have Amazon prime you can borrow the book for free on Kindle.

Mar 04, 2014

If hearing from God is a struggle...

If you struggle to hear from God and would like help to hear God more often and more easily my coaching guide is now available from Amazon

How To Hear God: Keys To Hearing God's Voice Every Day

Working through this coaching guide will help to open your spiritual ears so that you can hear God's voice more clearly.

Please note that you do not need to own a Kindle to be able to benefit. You can download a free Kindle reader here

Free Kindle Reader for PC | Kindle reader for Android

Enjoy the adventure of learning to hear God's voice, and do let me know how you get on.

Dec 17, 2013

A Very Special Christmas Offer

I'm offering the recordings of my 6 week Life Purpose Coaching Program at LESS than HALF the cost AND gifting you access to my How to Hear God Coaching Program when you jump in and invest in discovering what you were put on earth to do!

That's 2 life changing programs for LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE OF ONE!

If you've been feeling that, "there must be more to life than this", or you've been struggling to hear God, please don't hesitate to take advantage of this very special offer, you'll be glad you did.

Just click on this link to find the details.

Life Purpose Coaching Special Offer

Nov 02, 2013

Christian Life Lived Well

So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.

Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you. Romans 12:1-2 MSG

Nov 01, 2013

Don't let your past dictate your future

Don't let disappointments and mistakes keep you from God's best. Your past doesn't have to dictate your future. Learn from the past and do things differently so you can enjoy a different outcome.

Nov 01, 2013

God Never Leaves You

It's not easy to see in a storm, that's why you need to walk by faith. God is still with you, He never left you. Take your eyes off the circumstances and remind yourself of what God has promised. Trust that He never stops working on your behalf. He never sleeps or slumbers. God has got you covered.

Jul 16, 2013

Registration is now OPEN for Christian Life Coach Training

If you have a passion to help people get unstuck and experience breakthroughs then this Christian life coach training could be just what you're looking for.

Our life coach training isn't just for people who want to set up in business as a life coach.

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Apr 15, 2013

Would you like to know what your dreams mean?

If you'd like help understanding the dreams God causes you to dream I am running a free online're invited :)

Click here to register for keys to understanding your dreams

Mar 13, 2013

Do You Know What God Put You On Earth To Do?

Free online Life Purpose Discovery seminar TODAY!

Over 200 people have registered! Please tell your friends about the seminar so that they can benefit too. Just send them to

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Feb 01, 2013

Christian Life Coach Training Equips You to Help People More Effectively While Transforming Your Own Life

Is The Lord calling you to add Christian Life coaching skills to your toolbox so that you can more effectively help the people in your care to transform their life?

The Next Christian Life Coach Training Course with Lynne Lee Begins On

Wednesday 27th February

Learn how to coach people to much needed breakthrough and transform your own life in the process. Our Christian Life Coach Training will equip you with the skills you need to effectively help people get breakthroughs.

You'll find details here

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Oct 09, 2012

Free - Insightful, accurate personality test

Have you ever wished you could take a SIMPLE test to help you identify your core personaity type so you can deisgn your life around what works best for you? That's actually possible now!

You can take the STEP test FREE and find out how to identify and tap into your core passions. My friend Lisa Rae Preston developed this insightful personality test and I think you'll be amazed when you see your results.

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Oct 03, 2012

Christian Teleseminars to Deepen Your Walk & Help You Grow Your Christian Life

Christian life coaching teleseminars to help you become who you are destined to be. Deepen your walk with God & transform your life with the help of Christian seminars from the comfort of home

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Jul 06, 2012

How do you build your faith?

"Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God"

You build your faith by reading and speaking God's word. The Bible tells you that as you renew your mind, you will be transformed.

Let God's word tell you who you are and what you have. Don't pay attention to anything that tells you differently.

You'll find help to build your faith here

Help to build your faith

Jul 03, 2012

Discover Your Life Purpose, Deal With Anger, Or Train to Help People More Effectively?

Advance notice so you can be thinking about which of these coaching programs will benefit you the most.


If you want to pin point what you were put on earth to do and discover your God given life purpose I will be partnering with Jerry Graham to help you Discover YOUR Life Purpose

If you want to add life coaching skills to your tool box to equip you to be a more effective people helper I will be offering Life Coach Training mid September.


I'm partnering with my counsellor friend Hugh Driskell offering Keys To Deal With Anger

If you don't see what you would like help with listed here let me know what you would most like help with and I'll see what I can do :)

Feb 27, 2012

Biblical life Coach Training

If you are a mentor, pastor, lay leader, counsellor or life coach and you want to add Biblical life coaching skills to your business or ministry then this effective yet affordable Life Breakthrough Coach Training is for you. The Next Christian Life Coach Training Course with Lynne Lee Begins On Tuesday March 6th 2012 at => 9.30 am UK => 11.30 am South Africa => 10.30 pm New Zealand

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Jan 18, 2012

How To Hear God Speak Just Got More Affordable

‎We are sensing that God wants us to offer you an 80% discount on the 8-module How To Hear God Speak coaching program.

Here are your steps to grab this opportunity:

1) Go to

2) Click on "Click Here To Get Access Right Now"

3) Enter Coupon Code = HTHGS-CHRISTMAS2

Note: The 80% discount expires on Jan 19 at midnight

God wants you to give wisdom and revelation for every area of your life.

If you don't know what God is saying how can you know really know that what you are doing is His will?

According to John Paul Jackson, "Life is all about intimacy with God! We were created for that. Everything we do should be done with that in mind. If it is not, we will find ourselves burned out, broken, lame, and empty because it is not good for man to be alone.

We were created for relationship, specifically with our heavenly Father. Nothing in this world or on the next one is as important as our relationship with God."

"I want to know the thoughts of God; the rest are details." Albert Einstein

Nov 13, 2011

God's Way To An *A*

If you or your children have had enough of feeling like a caged-bird rather than an eagle flying high, if you have had enough of overwhelm, defeat, and feeling the burden of learning rather than the joy God has designed for you to have, then I'd like to invite you to join us for a FREE teleclass.

When you learn in partnership with God studying is so much easier.