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If you want to write and publish a book but don’t know where to start, this Publishing Map is for you. You will learn 9 simple steps that will help you gain clarity on your next steps.


5 Proven writing strategies you can use to get more writing done, including the Pomodoro Technique!

5 Practical tips for Christian author's to breakthrough writer's block

27 Book Marketing Ideas

Affordable Workshops for Christian Writers

Book Writing Lab
From Procrastination to Self-Publishing Your Book
Book Promotion Plan

I've been a member of the Christian Book Academy for a long time because it's such an amazing community and it's so affordable, it's currently just $39/m. They really do help you to write words that will outlive you, self-publish books that fulfil your calling, and reach more readers with your message.

The training is amazing, you'll find all the resources you need, and a place to get your questions answered.

Quality PLR that you can easily rewrite in your own voice to make it your own.

Private label rights is content that is already written that you can use as though it's your own. It is so much easier to create eBooks and Courses when you use quality prewritten content and add your unique touch to it.

These are sources I use and highly recommend:

Christian Done For You Content

Done-For-You Personal Development Content So much to choose from

Tools For Motivation Excellent Personal Development Products

Coach Glue This is where you'll find Done-For-You Planners, Courses, and Workshops, along with a few free resources.

Free training series on how to repurpose PLR to grow your business

How To Use PLR To Help You Grow Your Business

Writing Small Reports

If you're thinking of building an information business by writing articles, I invite you to download a totally free Special Report written by Jimmy D. Brown. Jimmy is a great teacher. I've learned more from his free stuff than I have from some information products I've bought. In this free report, Jimmy reveals five simple steps to starting a profitable information business beginning with Small Reports which can be created from articles.

Download your free report on how to make money with small reports here

The Public Domain

If you struggle to write lots of articles quickly, public domain material could be the answer. It's much easier to create a product from something that exists rather than create it from scratch.

Previously published public domain works are an excellent source of content for articles and books. If the material is in the public domain, the author's have either waived their rights or copyright has expired.

You can create your own information products in a fraction of the time it would take you to write them from scratch. Because the sources are in the public domain you can do whatever you like with them! Public domain material will save you time, give you lots of ideas, and help you to create your own articles and books quickly.

You could compile a new article from multiple sources or re-write existing articles in your own words. I don't recommend using articles as they are and attaching your name to them. Use existing material to create your own articles in your own voice.

The public domain is a treasure trove. There's masses of material available, it's just a matter of knowing where to find it.

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