Christian Life Coaching Products

Christian Coaching Programs

  • How To Hear God Speak To You

    Do you want to hear God speak to you but don't know how to hear Him clearly?

    This program is designed to help you to discover how to easily hear God speak to you and how to know it's God speaking not just your imagination.

    God wants to give you Wisdom, Understanding, and Revelation for every area of your life.

    If you want to

    • Recognize the many ways that God speaks to you
    • Be able to tell when it's God speaking and when it's just your own thoughts
    • Know how to lay a solid foundation to hear God more clearly
    • Remove obstacles to hearing God
    • Have support and encouragement while you discover how to hear God more clearly

    Then this very afforadable interactive online coaching program is tailor made for you. Click on this link for details:

    How To Hear God Speak To You Coaching Program

  • A Renewed You

    A Renewed You is a sixteen part Christian Life Coaching Program delivered by email.

    Who is the Renewed You Christian Life Coaching Program for?

    It's for people like you, who would like an affordable, yet effective alternative to working one to one with a life coach.

    You get a 16 module Christian life coaching program for only $37 a month!

    Click on this link for details:

    A Renewed You Life Coaching Program

Christian Life Coaching Guides

  • How To Hear God - A Step by Step Guide

    Do you struggle to hear God? If you want to learn how to hear God clearly, check out How To Hear God and discover how you can hear God speaking to you.

  • Dealing With Anger

    A short coaching guide that will help you to develop strategies to defuse anger and hostility. If you are ready to deal with anger once and for all this guide is for you.

Watch this space. I will be adding more coaching guides.

Products To Help You Improve Your Life

Products For Coaches and Other Service Providers

  • Optimise Your Website

    If you want to rank well in the search engines so that you can have more than your share of free traffic, I invite you to visit where you will find a clear step-by-step guide that simplifies the process and gives you links to the tools you need to optimize your website for the search engines.

  • Complimentary sessions that result in clients

    A new audio program that gives step-by-step instructions on exactly how to set up complimentary sessions to make them work for you.

  • BuildingYourIdealPractice

    You'll find some great free resources here. David Steele offers regular free seminars packed with useful tips and strategies.

Products For Websites and Business Promotion

  • Solo Build It

    I can't recommend Solo Build It enough. I have tried tradtional web hosts and they don't come close. If you want a website that brings a regular stream of free traffic and that you can easily update yourself, take a look at what I used to get my site to the number one spot in Google.

  • Make Your Site Sell

    A totally free guide to making your website work for you.

Here are links to autoresponders and shopping carts that I recommend

Aweber Lots of people recommend Aweber and it is reputed to have a good delivery rate. There are training guides and videos.

1ShoppingCart integrates autoresponder, shopping cart and affiliate manager rolled into one.

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What some of my clients have to say

Lynne has been awesome and has led me to the most amazing places in my spiritual path. I am so grateful to her and the blessings she brings. Her guidance is invaluable!
Chris West - Partner at Fosters

Lynne has a delightful way of pulling one out of "stuck." Her coaching is compassionate and firm, encouraging you to move into the light and take a specific next step toward your goal. She's centered on helping one stay focused on Christ as center. I highly recommend Lynne as a Christian Life Coach!
Lisa Rae Preston - Brain Pattern Specialist

A coach improves your performance your competitiveness and productivity by identifying the skills and talents you have then supporting you to develop the confidence to use those whilst opening your thinking to realise others which are available. Lynne has the discernment and insight to recognise innate ability; and possesses the confidence and the skills to work with you to realise your full potential. She is among the best I have worked with.
Hugh Driskell - Counsellor at Talk It Through Coaching