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Who She Works With
And How She Works

I love coaching. I love the concepts behind it and the results it produces. I never tire of seeing how even small changes of perspective can lead to big changes in people's lives.

People often can't see a way forward. Yet, after a few insightful questions and time to reflect, plan and respond, their situation quickly turns around. I really enjoy seeing people come alive, overcome, breakthrough, and move forward.

Lynne Lee Christian Life Coach and Life coach Trainer
“Lynne is intuitive. She has a big heart and a sound understanding of underlying issues. These qualities helped me to get to the heart of what was important to me. She believed in my dreams and helped me be true to them.”
I've been helping people to help themselves for over 35 years. I love helping people to discover who they are in God and find ways
to tap into their potential, become who God created them to be, and fulfill their calling.

My previous experience has given me insight into what it takes to own and run a business while balancing lifestyle. I have a large family and first hand experience of the emotional highs and lows of establishing a business or career while remaining a good wife, and mother, and friend.

My expertise comes from a combination of both personal and professional experience. I have worked as an administrator, and as a teacher. I also helped my husband to launch a computer consultancy and develop a retail outlet.

After twelve years of teaching I concentrated on raising my steadily growing family of 5. For the past 35 years I have worked voluntarily in a pastoral and mentoring role in my local church. Whilst doing this, I trained in money management and basic counselling skills. That greatly contributed to my passion for supporting and working with others.

I love helping people to overcome obstacles by sharing tools and techniques to help them get their life back on track. It gives me great joy to see people overcome and fulfil their God given dreams.

When my youngest child began school I was ready for another challenge, something that combined my strongest skills with my deepest passion, and something that allowed flexibility.

Coaching was the perfect solution. I trained as a coach, achieved a diploma in Personal Life Coaching and started my own coaching business. I have helped people from all walks of life to get unstuck and recover their enthusiasm for life.

Since 2007 my 5 Minute Life Coach newsletters have been a source of encouragement and inspiration to an increasing number of people across the globe.

I have two blogs. One encourages and equips people to develop their walk with God. The second is home to my How To Hear God Book

I have written many articles on spiritual and coaching topics and more recently taught on how to hear God and understanding the dreams God causes you to dream. I am regularly asked by people from diverse backgrounds to contribute insight and understanding to their situation.

AND I train people just like YOU to to effectively coach people to breakthrough and transform their own lives in the process. Being able to make a difference and helping people become all they can be in God, brings joy to my heart.

Who I Work With

I specialize in:

  • Working with people who are on a spiritual journey and determined to go deeper with God.
  • Helping people change their mindset and tell themselves the truth while enhancing their personal well being. This process begins with understanding how our thoughts affect our state of mind and how this affects every aspect of our life.
  • Helping people to develop a strong personal foundation.
  • Working with people who are determined to improve their lives regardless of the difficulties they face or the obstacles they have to overcome.
  • Coming alongside people who have a big dream that requires great faith.

How I Work

I create a safe, coaching environment in which my clients feel both supported and challenged as they work towards their goals.

My coaching style is warm, direct, and considerate. I ask for a lot because I know my clients can achieve more than they think possible. I'm always there to celebrate their successes and to support them when the going is tough.

“I had reached overwhelm. Lynne helped me to take control of my life and get to the point where I could enjoy it again. She helped me to see things in new ways and gave me some useful tools to use. The key for me was accountability. Once I was unstuck I was able to begin to see the possibilities. I am taking more time for myself and having a lot more fun.”

A Little More About Lynne

When not helping clients, I like to spend time with God, read, write, play games with my family, swim, attend seminars and enjoy time with friends.

I am a member of the International Coach Federation. I am also a Christian Life Breakthrough Coach™ and Coach Trainer, and a member of the Biblical Coaching Alliance™

You'll get more of a feel for who I am when you read my coaching articles, take a look at the free coaching resources and tools, and read my How To Hear God book.

How To Hear God - Amazon USA

How To Hear God - Amazon UK

If you want to know more about the life coaching services I offer, or if you want to contact me just click on the links.

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How To Hear God

God is a speaking God; He has never stopped speaking to His people. God is continually speaking and He wants YOU to be able hear Him.

He isn't a mute stone idol. Contrary to popular belief, God isn't just the Author of a set of rules to be obeyed, or a clever philosophy on how to make life a little better.

God is a loving Father whose deepest desire is to have a two-way conversational relationship with the apple of His eye, His beloved creation, that's YOU!

It thrills me to know that we have an invitation from God Himself into the sacred privilege of a close, intimate relationship with Him.

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