Christian Marriage
Coach Training

In just 7 weeks you can be equipped to help couples grow closer together and
transform their marriage!

If you have a passion to help couples get unstuck and experience breakthroughs in their marriage our Christian marriage coach training could be just the Christ centered training you're looking for.

This training equips you to:

  • Coach married couples who want to improve their relationship
  • Help couples grow together and change what needs changing
  • Coach couples in crisis
  • Coach a wife or husband who wants to improve their marriage, when the spouse doesn't want to be part of the coaching relationship
  • Effectively help singles to prepare for marriage
"For me the Marriage Coaching course was an encounter with God that has deeply touched my heart. I experienced afresh His vision and passion for marriages to be the best that they can be, starting with my own marriage!

It offered an exciting heavenly plumb-line to enable couples to see and bridge the gap between where they are in their relationship and where God wants them to be. This was in the context of God's compassion and invitation to reach for His best, which I also felt was Lynne's heart for each of us.

The course refreshed my coaching skills but much more than that, it has sharpened and developed them to be more effective and courageous with couples and relationship issues. In addition I felt very blessed and enriched by the openness and sharing of Lynne and my course participants which made the sessions feel safe and nurturing, as well as exciting and challenging!

I now feel that I am much better equipped with specific relationship coaching tools, and have more confidence, to carry God's heartbeat and dreams into my coaching and into my marriage! Thank you so much!!" Andrea Tibbits

Please note, this coach training isn't just for people who want to set up in business as a marriage coach.

If you've been thinking about getting equipped to help marriages, or if you trained to be a life coach and you want to be better equipped to coach marriages too.

Or if you're a minister, or small group leader, this Christian marriage coach training will enable you to help the couples in your care to nurture their marriage, and change and grow together so that they can have a stronger more satisfying marriage.

Christian marriage coaching isn't complicated, and if you are already a coach, you really can learn how to coach marriages effectively in as little as 7 weeks.

You can become a professional, fully trained, and qualified Certified Marriage Breakthrough Coach from the comfort of your own home!

What Makes Our
Marriage Coach Training Unique?

Our Christian marriage coach training is affordable, really good value, practical, Biblical, and it's easily accessible wherever you live.

I don't just teach you the theory of marriage coaching, I actually train you how to coach a marriage effectively!

Neither do I leave you to fend for yourself once you've completed your training. You have the opportunity to access continued training and support long after you complete the training program.

By using active listening skills and powerful questioning, a Christian marriage coach helps couples get crystal clear about

  • Where their marriage is NOW
  • How they want their marriage to be
  • What their marriage will look like
  • Exactly how they will achieve that
  • And how they will maintain it

As coaches we are not so much healing marriages as helping couple to move forward together in agreed action that will improve their marriage and take it to the next level.

Doing this training will help transform your own marriage too!

"I found myself pleasantly surprised at how much the training impacted my own marriage. Even though Stuart and I have been through quite a few marriage courses and seminars, it had been a while since we did our last one and I think that I had started to take a few things for granted in our marriage again.

I started to really get in touch with God's heart again for Godly marriages which spurred me on to make the needed changes. As I did this, I noticed a big shift in these areas in the way we were treating each other for the good.

The training has cemented in me the teaching from the basic training, and reinforced in me the feeling that this is absolutely the right thing for me to be doing.

The course has given me confidence to move forward and a belief that I can do this! It equipped me with the right tools for marriage coaching, and through Lynne's wisdom and insight, I feel that I have understanding of how to use them.

I have felt greatly encouraged by being on the course with like-minded people. I have loved the honest sharing and support of others which has been invaluable, particularly when going through difficult times.

I highly recommend the marriage course to anyone who would like to improve their own marriage but struggles to know where to start. The marriage course will help you understand God’s plan for marriage and also help you tune into God's heart of love for marriages." Linda Briggs

Coaching is a natural and effective way to help couples focus, and start moving forward in their relationship.

Even though this is Christian training, you could easily use what you learn to coach couples who are not Christians.

The training focuses on

  • Personal and marriage identity
  • Personal and marriage values
  • Personal and marriage assessments
  • Communication in marriage
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Relationship drainers and finding balance
  • Coaching around marriage mindsets and beliefs
  • Marriage builders/making deposits
  • Coaching couples in crisis
  • Pre-marital coaching
  • Realistic practice coaching scenarios

There are Christian marriage coach training programs that cost much more yet give you less for your investment

What You Will Learn in Christian Marriage Coach Training with Lynne Lee

  • The difference between Christian marriage coaching and marriage counselling.
  • Active listening skills and how they validate and encourage couples.
  • How to ask powerful marriage coaching questions.
  • How to use the Breakthrough Coaching Process and tools with your coaching clients.
  • The many mindsets and behaviours that cause relationships to break down.
  • The 10 top areas that contribute toward building healthy marriages.
  • How to foster great communication between couples.
  • How to assess and handle couples in crisis and when to refer them elsewhere.

How Does The Christian
Marriage Coach Training Work?

  • Trainees get life time access to 7 pre-recorded training sessions lasting between 70 and 90 minutes each.
  • You also get access to a private student area with powerful reading, audio, and coaching assignments
  • You will be required to practice coaching with volunteers
  • To qualify you will need to successfully complete a course summary exam at the end of the training

What Your Certification Will Be

You will be certified as a Marriage Breakthrough Coach™

Course Dates

As soon as you're ready!

I am excited to be offering the training as self-paced-study, because that means there is no waiting for the next course dates, and you can get started straight away if now is the right time for you.

This isn't just recorded coach training that you are left to work through on your own!

I have gathered all the replays and resources in one place so you have easy access.

I send an email each week that leads you through the steps for that week so that you always know exactly what to do next.

As long as you plan the training into your week as though it's a live class, and keep the appointments with yourself, you can do this.

You also have access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get them answered quickly, and maybe even find someone who would be willing to practice with you.

I'm in the Facebook group every day and always available to answer questions so help is always at hand.

I also hold live online Q & A sessions twice a month so that you have easy access to me and other coaches on a similar journey. And these live Q & A sessions are ongoing, so you have access to support long after you've completed your training.

The added bonus of participating in the pre-recorded version of the training is that you can study at a time that's convenient to you.

All the sessions are recorded and available to watch online, and you have lifetime access to the recordings.
Your practice coaching can be with a couple, or with an individual.

What's My Investment?

You don't need to pay thousands to get effective quality Christian marriage coach training. Because of the low overhead of distance learning we can keep the price low.

Please note: This shortened version of Christian Marriage Breakthrough Coach Training is ONLY available to ALREADY qualified Coaches or Counsellors. If you are not already qualified please scroll to the bottom of the page for details of how you can do this training.

Your investment is a single payment of £525 or $630

Or, if it helps, you can spread the payments

3 payments of £180 or 3 payments of $215

If you already know this is the right training for you

Use this button to make a single payment of £525

Use this button to make a single payment of $630

Use this button to make 3 payments of $215

Use this button to make 3 payments of £180

You will not find anything of this depth and quality that is more affordable. Once I have your payment I will arrange access for you and get you started within 24 hours. (The process can take up to 48 hours if you register at the weekend.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to have internet access to participate in this course? (Yes)
  • Can you really train me as an effective Christian marriage coach in only 7 weeks? (Absolutely)
  • Can this training be used for both Christian and non-Christian clients? (Yes)

If you have further questions about the marriage coach training I will gladly arrange to speak with you so I can answer your questions and help you decide whether this training is exactly what you need to equip you to help marriages get out of trouble and thrive.

Click on this link to email me your contact details so we can arrange a mutually convenient time to speak.

Please Note

If you really want to train as a Christian marriage breakthrough coach but aren't yet a qualified coach, you can do the full training (that will involve completing 3 more modules and a total investment of £750/$897) or take the Life Breakthrough Coach training with me FIRST, and then add in the shortened version of the marriage coach training. I believe you will be a better equipped and more effective marriage coach when you do that. You'll find details of our life coach training here

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