Christian Life Coach Training And Certification

Lynne Lee Christian Life Coach and life coach trainer

Christian life coach training for people who want to train as a life coach with an experienced, inspiring and supportive coach trainer who approaches life coaching from a Biblical perspective.

Train to become a Christian Life Coach with us and be equipped to transform your own life and relationships while learning how to effectively help people get breakthroughs from a Christian perspective.

"Christian Life Coaching Training has revolutionised the way I see and deal with people. I have learnt so many skills to help others move through change and to become more of who they are created to be.

It taught me a great deal about myself and how I relate to others in my sphere of influence. It has transformed my relationships, has helped me to set boundaries and to live with purpose while encouraging others towards their own God-given dreams.

This is a wonderful course that I highly recommend to anyone and everyone, especially those who would like to use this knowledge as a career or who would like to simply improve their relationships.

Lynne is a fantastic teacher who is very clear and concise in her training, is an expert and very knowledgeable in her field. I have not trained under anyone more pleasant, enthusiastic and caring. If you want to help and encourage others, this is the course for you!" Donna Cole - Australia

Our Christian life coach training isn't just for people who want to set up in business as a life coach.

If you are a mentor, pastor, small group leader, teacher, parent, business person, counsellor or life coach and you want to add Christian life coaching to your skill set then this effective yet very affordable Christian Life Coach Training is for you.

You can be become a professional trained and qualified Certified Christian Life Coach from the comfort of your own home, wherever you live in the world and be coaching your first paying clients in just 10 weeks!

Life coaching transforms lives more powerfully than teaching or consulting alone, bringing lasting, significant, sustainable change.

What Makes Our Christian
Life Coach Training Unique?

Our life coach training is affordable, great value, practical, Biblical and it's easily accessible wherever in the world you live.

This coach training focuses on coaching around identity, values, purpose, obstacles, life balance, choices, and renewed thinking. It offers systematic training as a professional life coach from a Christian Perspective.

We don't just teach you the theory of coaching we actually train you how to be an effective coach!

Neither do we leave you to fend for yourself once you've completed your training. You get access to continued training and support long after you complete the training program

This isn't just recorded coach training that you are left to work through on your own!

What Is Included In

Our Christian Life Coach Training?

All the Coaching materials you need to get you up and running as a coach. Practical tools and coaching techniques that enable you to build your coaching skills rapidly. You will receive:

  • 10 Weeks of LIVE Online Training with an experienced, encouraging, spportive and inspiring coach trainer (Between 60 and 90 minutes each week)
  • The opportunity to experience being coached and practice coaching others
  • Access to extremely helpful videos, audios, coaching exercises, and assessments
  • Powerful Reading Assignments that give you life transforming insights so you can coach more effectively
  • Customizable forms, agreements, worksheets, and other necessary documents so you can get started with coaching right away
  • Access to practice building and marketing materials to help you get your coaching business up and running
  • Certification as a Life Breakthrough Coach™ (Upon Successful Completion)
  • Designation as a Certified Biblical Life Coach™ (Optional Credential)
  • Lifetime Membership in the Biblical Coaching Alliance™ Coaches Network

Learn how to coach people to much needed breakthrough and transform your own life in the process. Our Christian Life Coach Training equips you with the skills you need to effectively help people get unstuck and transform their life.

Life Breakthrough Coaching Curriculum

  • Introduction to Christian Life Coaching
  • Powerful Life Coaching Techniques
  • Coaching Module: Identity & Position
  • Coaching Module: Motivators & Values
  • Coaching Module: Life Purpose
  • Coaching Module: Mindset & Emotions
  • Coaching Module: Obstacles & Habits
  • Coaching Module: Choices & Changes
  • Coaching Module: Goals & Strategy
  • Realistic Coaching Scenarios to aid your learning
  • Practice Building & Coach Marketing

Life Breakthrough Coaching Toolkit

All the documents and coaching exercises you need to enable you to get started with coaching.

You will also have access to invaluable coach marketing training.

Everything is covered from getting started with coaching, to online and offline marketing, and creating multiple streams of income.

4 pre-recorded BONUS classes

=> How to get started with your coaching business and get your first clients

=> Coaching Website Mistakes To Avoid

=> 5 Big mistakes new coaches make when setting up their coaching practice and how to avoid them

=> How To Get More Coaching Clients

Alternative Start Dates For Christian Life Coach Training with Lynne Lee

Lynne Lee Christian Life Coach and Life Coach Trainer
  • Thursday 14th January 7.30pm UK 2.30pm EST (Thursday morning in Australia)
  • Tuesday 26th January at 11am UK, 6am EST, evening in Australia and New Zealand

If you can't wait until January to get started I offer a solo training option, see below.

Students are delighted with the level of support they receive and with the extensive range of coaching tools and techniques. I personally help you to get to a place where you are skilled and comfortable coaching.

Your learning is supported by a comprehensive set of materials that hold your hand through the learning process and give you all the tools you need both while you are learning and when you are a qualified coach

If the scheduled group coaching days and times don't work for you I offer a Solo Coach Training option. We can arrange a mutually convenient time to fit your personal schedule.

The weekly coach training takes place online by teleconference so you can easily join us wherever you live in the world.

You don't need to pay thousands to get quality training. Because of the low overhead of distance learning, the cost of the Group Training is only £550! That's just $850

If you prefer to train at a time that suits you better you can opt for the The Solo Christian Life Coach Training option. It is ONLY £1100 ($1699) for my undivided attention and can be arranged to fit your personal schedule.

GROUP Coach Training £550 ($850) Pay in full or in installments by arrangement.

SOLO Coach Training £1100 ($1699) Pay in full or in installments by arrangement.

Please register as early as possible to reserve your place in the class that bests suits your schedule.

What graduates have to say

"Lynne the Trainer, is effervescent in her delivery bringing an abundance of positive energy and skill. Her knowledge and relevance is truly apparent and nothing is too much trouble for her. She is always available to assist and support your learning.

Her confidence and her passion for excellence are infectious and the only downside is that you wish for the connections to continue long after the ten weeks have passed. I highly recommend the training and the trainer." M H Lincolnshire

"I originally decided to take it to motivate me to get going with my coaching, but was pleasantly surprised at all the valuable information that I received. The course is wonderful. You should be proud for putting it together. I am not just saying this, but I received more value from this than from my first certification at about 1/4 of the cost." – Connie

I feel equipped to begin a Christian Coaching practice. The materials are very thorough, and the program is paced nicely. I did the convenient individual sessions which worked best for my schedule. For the money, I got quality time with Lynne each week, inspiring audio and web training, and support resources -- such as client questionnaires and sample contracts for my practice.

The icing on the cake was the marketing resources, and the professional contacts that Lynne recommended as continued education. Lynne is a great mentor, as she herself is a successful coach and business person, and honorable woman of God. I highly recommend Lynne Lee and Breakthrough Academy to any Christian interested in becoming a life coach." Debbie USA

"Whether you are a coach or not, this training series will help you with your day to day living. If you are a coach, you'll get the added value of some great tools and insight that you can use with your clients." - Dr. Jerry Graham, Coach & Trainer

You will not find anything this good that is more affordable. If you know this is the right training program for you 

Click here to reserve your place for Christian Life Coach Training Today!

If you have questions I will gladly arrange to speak with you so I can answer your questions and help you decide whether our training is exactly what you need to equip you to be a more effective people helper.

Click on this link to email me your contact details so we can arrange a mutually convenient time to speak.

Or you can listen to an audio that answers many questions about coaching and Christian life coach training 

Christian Life Coach Training Your Questions answered

"I knew the course was something I wanted to do but felt apprehensive - was it really for me? Would I be able to cope with the work; most of all, would I be able to manage the technical side of things?!

Lynne encouraged me and fully supported me in going ahead. The course has been very rewarding, fun and rich in so many ways - I looked forward to the live sessions, enjoyed listening to the audios and yes, managed the IT side of things.

Whilst learning to help others,my own life has been enriched and I am so much more aware when talking with friends and family. I'm so glad I got past my apprehension and decided to do the training." Jennifer UK

This short video gives you more information and shows you how to get started with Christian life coach training

Our Biblical Christian Life Coach Training will equip you with the skills you need to become a Professional Life Coach so you can effectively help people get breakthroughs.

It will not only give you the tools you need to make a lasting difference in other people's lives, it will also lead tobreakthroughs in your own life.

When you transform your thinking it helps you to effectively follow sustainable strategies that enable you to live your best life and fulfill your life purpose.

Register today and you will find a Stress-Free Environment where you will be treated like family and equipped to live your best life and help others to do the same!

How to register:

Go to the course registration area and introduce yourself then make your payment.

Click here to go to the course registration area

On receipt of your payment and registration information, you will be sent a User ID and Password so that you can login to our Student Centre and access the initial course materials.

Have Questions?

If you have questions I will gladly provide you with information that will help you decide whether our training is the right training for you.

Click on this link to email me

What recent students had to say

"The Life Breakthrough Academy training is well balanced, practical and challenging. The content is deep and the timescale is intense and well worth the effort required between sessions.

The training allows you to develop strategies to move forward by adapting attitudes behaviours and actions that will bring about individual changes within oneself and in line with a sound biblical approach. The results are more self confidence, motivation, and awareness leading to responsible decision making and choices.

Support is available on all levels which results in less stress and a more balanced outlook for life and in helping others access the same profile.

Lynne the Trainer, is effervescent in her delivery bringing an abundance of positive energy and skill. Her knowledge and relevance is truly apparent and nothing is too much trouble for her. She is always available to assist and support your learning.

Her confidence and her passion for excellence are infectious and the only downside is that you wish for the connections to continue long after the ten weeks have passed. I highly recommend the training and the trainer." M H Lincolnshire


"I had been researching for a reputable coaching course for a long time as I wanted to offer coaching as part of my growing business.

I was very aware of what to look for in terms of excellent training. When I came across Lynne Lee's website I was very impressed.

I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. The course was very detailed and thorough. Lynne delivered the course brilliantly and she always gave time to ensure all our needs as students were met.

I felt fully supported and very happy with the course content.

I learned so much not only on a professional level but also on a personal level. I have grown emotionally as a result of the training and that has had a positive effect across my whole life.

Lynne also offers complete support to grow your coaching business. I cannot recommend this course enough! Thank you so much!" A K London


"For two years I searched for an affordable life coaching program that possessed depth and quality. This course far exceeded my expectations.The training is professional, the learning practical, and the instructors make sure you become a top quality Life Coach. I am glad I waited; God could not have planned it any better that this.” David


“I knew that coaching was about getting from where you are to where you want to be. What I didn’t know was that this course would take me from a place of very little knowledge about coaching to a whole new world of breakthrough for myself and others!!

I loved this course and I love coaching!! I especially love the way that as a result God is beginning to use me to partner with Him to see lives transformed. It is so powerful!

While I will always be growing as a coach, this course has been an inspirational foundation and launchpad to give me a flying start! I cannot believe how much we have covered in 10 weeks but I have felt supported every step of the way.

Although fast paced it is an exciting and exhilarating journey! It has left me feeling passionate about developing into the best coach that I can be and I am very grateful!” A T Hampshire