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There's no cost or obligation. These free life coaching resources are my way of introducing you to the power of coaching to change your life.

I really do want to help you to make lasting changes. I know it can be daunting, and that some of you aren't currently in a position to invest in personal coaching. That's why I have coaching articles and free life coaching resources available on my website.

You'll find a variety of powerful and effective tools. Enjoy!

The 5 Minute Life Coach

I don't like to think of my guests leaving empty handed. Because this is a website, I can't offer you a cup of tea, put you up for the night or lend you a book I know you'll love. But I can offer you gifts that will nourish you.

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You'll find simple coaching insights and practical coaching strategies to help you on your journey of transformation.

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A Free Life Coaching Tool

Life Balance Wheel - Use this tool to help you see which aspects of your life are working well and which need some adjusting.

Online Learning Centre

Keys to Hearing God’s Voice - 4 keys to consistent, powerful, life-giving conversations with God

Principles of Christian Dream Interpretation - 12 pages of practical help to aid your understanding of what God is saying through your dreams.

Downloadable Bibles, Study Tools and Other Aids

Searching the Bible has never been easier, nor has comparing the wording of different versions.

Online Bible

Online Bible software for Windows free of charge together with downloads of Bibles, Notes, Books and other titles in European languages.


An array of resources that make it easy to study the Bible.

How To Hear God

Tips and strategies to help you learn how to recognize God's voice

A New You Coaching Program
This isn't a free resource!

But it's for you, if you would like an affordable, yet effective alternative to working one to one with a life coach so that you can transform your life from the inside out.

You will receive life changing support delivered directly to your inbox every week for 16 weeks. Inspiring, interactive, life transforming emails that help you to change your life.

Proven life-changing strategies, keys, tools and tips to help and support you on the road to sustainable change and growth.

You'll find all the details here A New You Coaching Program

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