Dealing With Anger

Learn How To Deal With
Anger and Hostility Now

Anger is bad for your health and your relationships. Do yourself and the people around you a favour and discover how to deal with anger now.

In just a few minutes you could download a simple guide that will give you keys for overcoming anger and living a harmonious life.

If you have a problem with anger, now is a good time to deal with it. It's time to stop sabotaging your life and make dealing with anger a priority.

Are you ready to discover how to stop being angry and put an end to the damage that anger does to you and to other people?

"A fool gives vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control." Proverbs 29:11

  • Is your life spoiled by anger?
  • Do you shout at your nearest and dearest?
  • Do you get impatient when people don't do things the way you think they should be done?
  • Do you speak sharply to people?
  • Do your angry words wound people?

"The man who controls his temper is greater than a powerful warrior who takes a city." Proverbs 16:32

You can't take back what you've said. You can say sorry and mean it, but once the angry words are out of your mouth the damage has been done and can't easily be undone.

Once you've lost your temper and shouted and blamed and left everyone around you scared and distressed, the damage is done.

When you are angry with the world, your loved ones, friends, neighbours or yourself it creates a barrier between you and God. You become defensive, irritable and full of self pity. When you are angry nothing works out right.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that people aren't affected by your anger. People are not thick skinned. They do mind. It does hurt. They may not show it to you but they will cry inside. Angry words put fear into people and can destroy them.

In Dealing With Anger

  • You'll learn how to handle confrontation
  • Discover how to disagree without arguing
  • Learn simple strategies to end arguments and restore peace
  • Learn new ways of dealing with anger triggers
  • Discover keys for overcoming anger
  • Develop strategies to help you defeat anger forever
  • Find keys to help you keep the peace

Download your guide to defusing anger and hostility now for only $7.

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You can get started on overcoming anger straight away.

Here's what one of my reader's said,

I have read through Dealing With Anger. It's very good. It's amazing to see how simple the steps are to working through circumstances instead of becoming angry. I am going to read through it again as I really need to be delivered from anger. It has greatly affected my health. I am truly greatful to God for bringing you across my path.

She went on to ask,

I wanted to know if it is okay to share copies of the anger pages with others? I know of so many people who it would help.

If you know people who would benefit from working through Dealing With Anger, I hope you'll let them know about it so that they can buy their own copy or maybe you could buy a copy for them.

This interactive guide really does help you to develop anger management skills and restore peace to your relationships so that you can enjoy a life free from arguments, resentment and explosive anger.

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