Powerful Words
Keys To A Better Life

Do Your Words Ever Get You Into Trouble?

Your words hold the power of life or death

Words are more powerful than you realise. They have the power to

  • discourage or encourage
  • wound or heal
  • tear down or build up
Do you ever stop and think about the words you speak and how powerful they are?

I challenge you to closely monitor what you say for a day.

  • notice how many of your words are positive or negative
  • notice the effect they have on you and other people
I'm not just talking about the words you speak to others. Take notice of the words you speak to yourself too.
  • what do you habitually say to yourself?
  • What do you tell yourself about yourself?
I think you'll be surprised at how negative much of what you say is. Words can do a lot of damage. It's time to stop and think about the words you speak and the effect they have on you and other people.

Truths that will change your life and help to transform the lives of the people around you

Research shows that words have emotional, physical and spiritual impact.

The words you speak can lift you up or send you into a downward spiral. There is evidence to show that words can cause physical changes in your body and change the spirtual atmosphere.

Words carry the power to build bridges. They have the capacity to close the gap between you and other people.

They can also demolish bridges and make it impossible to heal a rift.

God speaks in the spiritual realm to make things happen in the physical world.

When God, who is Spirit, wants something to happen in the natural realm - He speaks. God spoke this physical world into existence.

You are created in God's image. Like God, you have the power to create with your words. I'm not suggesting that you have the same power as God, but there is something of Him in you. You aren't just a physical being, you're a spiritual being too.

Your words hold more power than you imagine. Your words are a creative force. That's why you need to stop and think before you speak.

The first step is to become aware of what you're saying. The second, is to choose to exercise self control and begin to eliminate negative words and speak positive life-building words instead.

Your words have the power to bring life or death to your life, your relationships and your future. Your words shape your environment.

It's time to think before you speak.

"Words satisfy the soul as food satisfies the stomach. The right words on a persons lips bring satisfaction." Proverbs 18:20

"A gentle response defuses anger, but a sharp tongue kindles a temper fire." Proverbs 15:1

Action Steps

Are you limiting yourself and others by what you say?

If you want to change anything - start with your words - change what you say about yourself, your circumstances and other people.

Your words have the power to change your life and your environment.

When you find yourself speaking negatively about yourself, stop immediately and rephrase your statement so that it's positive.

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