Your Life Makeover Coaching Club

Make this the year you finally breakthrough and transform your life with a total life makeover

If you are you ready to take responsibility for your life and become all you can be in God this deliberately affordable life coaching programme is for you.

Week by week I will share coaching strategies to enable you to experience your own personal breakthrough, as you

  • Get a God shaped perspective about your life
  • Discover who you really are
  • Uncover limiting thinking and deal with it
  • Renew your mind
  • Build your faith
  • Learn how to hear God
  • Explore your strengths and gifts
  • Uncover your passions and dreams
  • Identify your life purpose
  • Identify what you really want and how to achieve it
  • Create new supportive habits
  • Identify and plug energy drainers
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Deal with stress
  • Balance work and family life
  • And much much more...

If you are ready to be inspired, equipped and challenged while being supported then you are in the right place.

I warmly invite you to join my most affordable coaching program ever.

How much do you want to pay?

You can either invest £25 ($30) every month

Or you can save money by paying £250 ($300) for 12 month's access.

It's up to you!

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to join us and remain a member of the Life Makeover Coaching Club for as long as you want. I promise that when you join your membership will stay at this low price for as long as you remain a member.

NO price increases, EVER, providing you don't cancel your membership.

What will I get?

You will receive one life breakthrough coaching session every 7 days.

The Life Makeover Coaching Program is delivered by email every 7 days. You will receive coaching and specific action steps designed to help you take the steps you need to finally breakthrough and create the life God intended.

There is a mixture of written, audio and video resources.

You can print each session as your emails arrive and either listen to the audios online or download them so that you can listen whenever and wherever is convenient to you.

Your first coaching session will be available immediately after you register.

If you are not moving steadily in the direction of what you say you want, you can be certain that you are sabotaging yourself somewhere.

Life Makeover Coaching Facebook Group

You can make your coaching even more effective when you join our active Facebook group. This is where you can ask for feedback, and find encouragement and support whenever you need it.

I'll be there to answer your questions and offer ongoing inspiration and support as you make the changes you long to see.

As soon as you register, I will send you the information you need to join this inspirational group that will be a great encouragement and motivator for you, giving you the boost you need when you need it.

What would you change in your life if you could?

Would you

  • De-clutter your life?
  • Lose weight?
  • Start an exercise program?
  • Overcome fear?
  • Get organized?
  • Grow spiritually?
  • Renew your mind?
  • Improve your relationships?
  • Control anger?
  • Improve your finances?
  • Break free from bad habits?

The good news is you can change any of these things!

You can make THIS a year of extraordinary growth and radical change.

The resources available in the Life Makeover Coaching Club will equip you with the tools and inspiration you need to experience radical breakthrough as you partner with God to give your life a makeover.

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