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Announcing Optimize Your Website A step by step guide written especially for non-techies. If you have a website that hardly gets any visitors take a look at my new book, implement the strategies, start climbing up the search engine rankings and grab your share of free traffic.

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Make Your Site Sell

How To Build A Website That Delivers
A Steady Stream Of Free Traffic To Your Web Pages

I wanted to build a website that was easily found in the search engines. I'm not technical and I didn't want to spend a fortune on a web designer. I considered many options and eventually chose to build my website myself using Site Build It

I chose site build it because

  • I didn't need to know lots of technical things
  • It offered everything I needed to get started
  • a step by step action guide
  • video tutorials
  • the price was unbelievably affordable
  • and SBI have a proven track record of success

Working with SBI is like having your own internet coach walking you through the process.

My site is still a fledgeling, I started building it in January 2007,yet the traffic to my website is steadily growing. If you search for Christian Life Coaching in Google, this site appears on the first page of results.

SBI has enabled me to have a website that I designed myself, and can easily update and edit. There are amazing tracking tools that let me see how my web site is doing. There are also behind the scenes features - submitting to search engines, search engine optimisation, search engine ratings, traffic and link tracking, how to create an income with affiliate links ...

I whole heartedly recommend Site Build It to anyone who has an interest or passion that can be converted into a fulfulling business.

If you've ever thought about turning your hobby or interests into an income, take the video tour, you'll discover that it's easier than you think.

What's the big deal about having a web site?

Maybe you're a

  • work-at-home mum looking at starting a web-based business
  • or you have an idea for a new web business
  • or need to create a web site for your existing business

If you don't know where to start, SBI may be the answer for you.

I also used Robert Middleton's free Marketing Plan Workbook and his Website Toolkit They are excellent. The Website Toolkit has both audio and pdf step by step guides and really does help you to write good web pages that both human visitors and spiders love. When you follow the link and click on 'free stuff', you'll find the Marketing Plan Workbook.

The internet isn't a magical way to become rich overnight, though there are a lot of people ready to tell you that it is. If you get it right, creating a good optimised website that brings free traffic to your website can help you to start or promote your own business - and that can change your life.

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       Course free of charge.

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       the internet to build your own service selling

Click on this link for a completely free guide to making your site sell

Apart from building an optimised website, writing articles and submitting them to article directories is one of the easiest ways of getting free targeted traffic to your website. If you want to learn how to learn how to use articles to create traffic for your web site take a look at resources for writers

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What some of my clients have to say

Lynne has been awesome and has led me to the most amazing places in my spiritual path. I am so grateful to her and the blessings she brings. Her guidance is invaluable!
Chris West - Partner at Fosters

Lynne has a delightful way of pulling one out of "stuck." Her coaching is compassionate and firm, encouraging you to move into the light and take a specific next step toward your goal. She's centered on helping one stay focused on Christ as center. I highly recommend Lynne as a Christian Life Coach!
Lisa Rae Preston - Brain Pattern Specialist

A coach improves your performance your competitiveness and productivity by identifying the skills and talents you have then supporting you to develop the confidence to use those whilst opening your thinking to realise others which are available. Lynne has the discernment and insight to recognise innate ability; and possesses the confidence and the skills to work with you to realise your full potential. She is among the best I have worked with.
Hugh Driskell - Counsellor at Talk It Through Coaching