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I've added a donation page so that, if you'd like to, you can join me in making information freely available to people who want to grow in God and get their lives in order.

If you're benefiting from my website please consider making a donation but don't feel under any obligation. Any amount is welcome, every little helps.

If you are able to make a donation of £10 or more, by way of saying thank you, I'll send you a link to download 10 wonderful electronic books in PDF format.

R A Toorey - How To Pray

Watchman Nee - The Normal Christian Life

Madame Guyon - A Short and Easy Method of Prayer

D L Moody - Heaven

Spurgeon - Faith's Cheque Book

E M Bounds - Power Through Prayer

Andrew Murray - Absolute Surrender

A W Tozer - Man The Dwelling Place of God

Baker - Visions Beyond The Veil

Andrew Murray - The True Vine

If the information you've found on my site has helped you and you'd like to make a donation please use this button

The amount you donate is entirely up to you.

Why donate?

I do only a little paid coaching. I spend much of my time directly helping people by creating blog posts, web pages, articles and Ebooks all with the primary intention of serving people like you.

I have had so many encouraging responses to my web site and would like to be able to continue developing free resources to help people grow in God.

If you would like to support me in my mission to make Godly resources freely available to people who wouldn't otherwise be able to benefit from them, please make a contribution. Any amount is appreciated.

Your reward is knowing that you have helped people to grow in God and become who He intended them to be.

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Thank you for your support and encouragement!


"I just want to express my deep appreciation for the gift of this website. I have been having a hard time feeling a sense of direction for some time, and your web site gave me tremendous hope that there is help. Thank you for the simplicity of your website and for the love of God that is oozing from every bit of these web pages. May God continue to bless you in this ministry."

"Thanks so much for your website - it has been a mine of information. I have been really provoked and challenged."

"I think this is a really great tool that you have made available to people, thank you."

"I want to thank you for your revelation... I was so thankful to God for your website and printed all the articles to spend time reading and following your instructions on life coaching....I have never been on anyone's website before that has been so spirit filled."

"Great website. Love what you are doing"

"I thank God for your life and your commitment to be a shining light for Jesus. It has inspired me to move on in my salvation."

"I have just discovered your website and found it really encouraging."

I'd love to know how my web site has helped you. Please use my contact form to let me know how my web site has helped you and what other resources you would like to see here.

Don't keep a good thing to yourself, let your friends know what a good resource you have found so they can benefit too.

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What some of my clients have to say

Lynne has been awesome and has led me to the most amazing places in my spiritual path. I am so grateful to her and the blessings she brings. Her guidance is invaluable!
Chris West - Partner at Fosters

Lynne has a delightful way of pulling one out of "stuck." Her coaching is compassionate and firm, encouraging you to move into the light and take a specific next step toward your goal. She's centered on helping one stay focused on Christ as center. I highly recommend Lynne as a Christian Life Coach!
Lisa Rae Preston - Brain Pattern Specialist

A coach improves your performance your competitiveness and productivity by identifying the skills and talents you have then supporting you to develop the confidence to use those whilst opening your thinking to realise others which are available. Lynne has the discernment and insight to recognise innate ability; and possesses the confidence and the skills to work with you to realise your full potential. She is among the best I have worked with.
Hugh Driskell - Counsellor at Talk It Through Coaching