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The Christian Life Coaching Club is for people who are serious about transforming their life and want powerful resources and support to help equip them and keep them on track.

What’s The Real Secret To Creating A More Successful And Rewarding Life?

Lynne Lee Christian Life Coach

Ever since I launched my website I've been getting emails that say much the same thing: "Lynne, your website is great, and I've already devoured my copy of Be Your Own Life Coach, but I want MORE." Many of you have told me that you'd like me to coach you, but you can't afford my fees.

So, one of my priorities has been developing an alternative to my coaching programs that gives you access to me, yet is affordable to you.

I could offer you more downloadable guides but I want to do more than that and so I created a resource for you that will inspire and motivate you to take ACTION consistently.

The solution

God inspired me to offer a resource packed coaching club for a very attractive price, particularly for those who have a small budget.

So I'm thrilled to announce the...

Christian Life Coaching Club

I hope you will join us and

Discover How To Successfully Create A Thriving and Satisfying Christian Life.

You will find heaps of strategies, tactics, tools and resources to help you transform your Christian life, the first of them are waiting for you in the Christian Coaching Club now.

Your First Two Week's Membership is FREE

Closed to new members

If you are ready to join us click this link to register for your free taste. It won't cost you a penny!

Keep reading for full details and discover the benefits of being a member of the Christian Life Coaching Club

As I've been working on developing the club, God has led me to share the same resources, people and strategies I personally use to connect with God and grow my personal and spiritual life. Also, to offer community facilities so that my growing Christian life coaching community can connect, support, brainstorm, and learn from God, me and each other.

This is my vision for the coaching club

I want the club to be a growing resource for you. A place you can visit any time to get support, listen to inspiring audio download a relevant Ebook, find a recommendation for a resource or ask a question and get a response.

  • You will be able to enjoy and benefit from virtual seminars about topics that matter to you and will help you to grow your Christian life.
  • You will find coaching, practical advice, information and ideas that you can put into action right away and step-by-step processes that are easy to follow.
  • The Coaching club will be a place to learn from me, my trusted guests, and each other ~ somewhere to connect with like-minded people and benefit from their wisdom and experience.
  • You will be able to visit the club when you are in need of inspiration or support, when you are ready for the next step or when you are stuck and need ideas to get you moving.
  • And, when you need some motivation, you will be able to review the resources and get fresh inspiration so you can take focused action.
  • The seminars are packed with tips and strategies that you can use right away

Here's What You Get as a member of the Christian Life Coaching Cafe

Life Changing Seminars

RECORDED MEETINGS With Me and my guest experts in areas relevant to transforming your life Right Now. Life changing topics including how to...

  • Hear God for every area of your life
  • Discover your life purpose
  • Discover who you are in Christ
  • Grow in faith
  • Christian life strategies
  • Grow your self esteem
  • Get past fear
  • Deal with guilt
  • Overcome anxiety
  • Deal with stress
  • Stay motivated and inspired to reach out for your destiny and become all that you can be in God.
  • And much more...

Why guest experts? Because I don't know everything and I've come across some wonderful people who are doing amazing things with God's help and I want to share them with you! They will share golden nuggets of wisdom you won't easily find anywhere else.

Private Access to Our Exclusive Christian Life Coaching Club Facebook Group

Your very own private Facebook group, where you can make connections, ask for feedback, share tips and strategies and find encouragement and support.

I'll be popping in regularly, asking questions, providing information, answering your questions and offering ongoing inspiration and support as you grow your life.

This benefit alone will help you to grow faster than you could ever imagine if you were journeying alone. And as soon as you decide to become a Coaching Club Member, you get INSTANT ACCESS to this private group.

This will be a great encouragement and motivator for you.

Life Changing Resources

You'll find downloadable books to equip you to grow in God. Videos to inspire you to reach for more and discounted services and products to help you as you move forward in growing your life.

Recommended Reading

I'll be posting details of books I think will benefit you and help you to create the life you really want. I'll tell you what I'm reading and share any new insights I discover.

Special Discounts on Christian Life Coaching Products and Programs

I will be offering special discounts that are ONLY available to members of the Coaching Club.

That's A LOT of benefits for a miniscule price!

Just accept my personal invitation to join the life changing Christian Life Coaching Club and you will get instant access to ALL the benefits.

I'll give you your first two weeks For FREE so you can sample what's on offer.

Your membership will always be £20 a month,($30) regardless of any future price increases.

l am sure you will love being a member. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to join us and stay a member of the Coaching Club for as long as you want, so I promise that when you join us your membership will stay at the low price of £20 ($30) a month for as long as you remain a member. No price increases, EVER, providing you don't cancel your membership.

Here's how to get your 2 week trial, RISK FREE...

To join as a Cafe Member and activate your Free 2 Week Trial in the Christian Life Coaching Cafe, simply register below using my secure online processor

After the first two weeks, you will be automatically charged the low price of £20 ($30) a month for as long as you remain a member. You will get absolutely everything listed above with no price increase EVER

If after your first two weeks, or anytime after that, you want to cancel your membership, simply let me know via email, and I will STOP payments immediately.

You get my personal "No Quibbles" Guarantee. No questions, no hassle and no hard feelings. I want you to be delighted with your membership, or put your money towards something that will serve you better.

That being said, I know that once you join us in the Cafe, you won't want to leave...Why? Well, besides the benefits I listed earlier, we're going to have a great time growing our life in God together. And I'm so sure of that, I'm happy to let you come and join us FREE FOR TWO WEEKS!

And then you get absolutely EVERYTHING you see on this page for only £20 ($30) a month for as long as you stay a member of the cafe. If you end your membership and rejoin later, you'll pay the new rate whatever that may be at the time.

Why? Well, I want to reward the people who join me from the start. If you want to grow with me, I want to grow with you. It's that simple, really. And I'm a person of action, so you get it all starting NOW. Let's make this year your best year yet.

Come and join us.


Count Me in, Lynne!

I Want to join the Christian Life Coaching Cafe as a FREE member for two weeks.

I will discover how to grow in God and be equipped to transform my life in an encouraging, supportive atmosphere.

I understand that after my two weeks free trial I will automatically be charged just £20 ($30) a month and as long as I remain a fully paid member, I will continue to have access to the membership benefits outlined above, including...

  • Expert Coaching Calls with you and your guest experts in areas critical to growing and developing my life.
  • Online Recordings of every session
  • Private Access to the Cafe Discussion Group for mutual support, encouragement, and much more.
  • Access to A Growing library of online resources.
I understand that I'm investing in your Christian Life Coaching Cafe at NO RISK because I can cancel my membership at any time.

I also understand that if I choose to cancel my membership I will lose all access to these privileges at that time, AND if I choose to cancel and then decide to re-join, I am not guaranteed membership at the current Life Coaching Cafe Member low rates.

I'm assured that I will not pay anything at all when I register and that my details are safe because you use a secure online processor.


YOUR FIRST TWO WEEKS ARE FREE PLEASE NOTE: The offer of a two week free trial is only for first-time members.

I really hope you'll join me and the others who are beginning to enjoy all the benefits of being a Cafe Member in the Christian Life Coaching Cafe.


Lynne Lee ~ Christian Life Coach

PS: Remember you can join as a Coaching Cafe Member totally risk-free. If you don't love your membership, you can drop out at any time. Don't wait - come on in and see what's on offer.

Be blessed,