Why Christian Life Coaching?
Your Questions Answered

What Makes Christian Life Coaching So Powerful?

In this presentation we talk about what makes Christian Life coaching such a powerful tool for lasting change, and we give you a taste of coaching.

Christian Life Coaching and
Christian Life Coach Training:
Your biggest questions answered

This golden oldie is the replay of a very informative interview. 

We talked about:

  • What life coaching is
  • The benefits of coaching
  • How coaching is different from counselling and mentoring
  • What qualities you need to be an effective coach
  • What Christian life coaching is and how it's different
  • Why a Christian life coach is a better option for Christians
  • How coaching helps and what it helps with
  • How coaching skills help in ministry, business, family & everyday life
  • Coach training being a journey of self discovery and personal growth as you apply what you learn to your own life
  • How you might go about coaching a couple
  • Accreditation
  • And much more

We also walked you through a coaching exercise that gives you a snapshot of where you are now and helps you to identify areas of your life that need attention, and what your first steps might be.

If you'd like detailed information about Christian Life Coach Training that equips you to effectively help people to get unstuck and experience breakthroughs, you'll find details here

Christian Life Coach Training

You could become a certified Christian Life Coach and be coaching your first clients within 10 weeks!