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The 5 Minute Life Coach - How To Get Your Prayers Answered
June 25, 2008

I hope all is well with you. Remember, our God never sleeps or slumbers...

And although I've been quiet of late, I haven't been slumbering either! I have completed my step by step guide - How To Hear God - and it's now available to download.

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Being able to hear God clearly is a key to lining your life up with God's plans and living productively. Jesus didn't do anything without hearing from the Father first; hearing God is a key to getting your prayers answered.

Be blessed


What's coming in this issue...

I have an article for you...How To Get Your Prayers answered.

Have you ever felt like God wasn't answering your prayers? Do you know how to pray in a way that will get answers? Read the article below to discover how to get your prayers answered.

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Secrets To Answered Prayer - How To Get your Prayers Answered

God Does Answer Prayer

Have you ever felt like God wasn't answering your prayers? Do you know how to pray in a way that will get answers?

If you want to see more answered prayer you first need to truly believe that God wants to give you the desires of your heart. He loves you and wants you to have faith that what He saas is true.

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Do you believe God when He says that He will reward those who seek Him? The Bible makes it clear that God will hear and answer your prayers when you come to Him in faith:

"Ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. Don't let that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord" James 1:6-7

Do you pray and ask God for something without really believing that He will answer your prayer? If you believe that God will only answer your prayers if you pray in a certain way you need to think again. It's not about any formula you might use, it's simply about having faith in a loving God and praying in the way that He leads you.

Obstacles To Answered Prayer

There are things that can hinder your prayers. One of those things is getting too focused on how you think God should answer your prayer. When you do that you can stand in the way of having prayer answered. God wants to answer your prayer but He doesn't always choose to answer in the way you expect.

Something else that can get in the way of answered prayer is your unwillingness to forgive other people. If you harbour unforgiveness you will block God from answering your prayers.

Another obstacle to answered prayer is praying your own will without any reference to what God wants. Answered prayer is dependent on lining your will up with God's will. Do you ask God how He wants you to pray? Do you listen to see what God's will is before you begin to pray?

How To Get Your Prayers Answered

The next time you pray, try asking God to show you how to pray first. When you've heard God and know His will you will be able to pray in faith, knowing that He will give you what you ask for.

The Bible gives lots of guidelines for how to pray. If you follow God's instructions you will have your prayers answered. If you ignore God's directions don't be surprised if your prayers remain unanswered. When you are willing to do things God's way you will see amazing answers to prayer.

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