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This is where you'll find writing resources that show you how to write articles and eBooks that bring you more website visitors and increased profits.

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Article Writing And Marketing

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Resources For Writers


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Article Writing And Marketing

Writing articles is one of the most cost effective methods of online marketing for small businesses.

It's easy when you know how. All it costs is time and it's very effective when you get it right. Your articles give people an opportunity to get to know, like and trust you.

If you're writing for the web it's worth checking out Jeff Herring, the internet article guy. He has lots of valuable free resources and over delivers with everything he offers. I've learnt a tremendous amount from his free weekly teleseminars, they're worth the time you spend. Jeff is a great coach. I've implemented many of his ideas and they've all produced great results.

My articles are being used by other webmasters, I've seen an increase in the number of visitors to my web site and an increase in subscribers to my newsletter. I've even begun to make money from my articles.

You can easily learn how to write articles that get picked up and posted on article directories and other people's websites. By tomorrow, you could be submitting articles, getting them accepted and driving traffic to your web site via your resource box.

Here's a link to 2 free article writing templates to help get you started.

If you're ready to start submitting articles, here are links to some of the more popular directories:

Some of the article directories have a minimum article length of only 250 words - you can do that. Once you get started you'll wonder what took you so long.

Writing Small Reports

If you're thinking of building an information business by writing articles, I invite you to download a totally free Special Report written by Jimmy D. Brown. Jimmy is a great teacher. I've learned more from his free stuff than I have from some information products I've bought. In this free report, Jimmy reveals five simple steps to starting a profitable information business beginning with Small Reports which can be created from articles.

Download your free report on how to make money with small reports here

Writing eBooks

When you've mastered writing articles, you can start collecting them together and begin to produce your own eBooks. If you can write an article, you can write an eBook. Make Your Knowledge Sell is a really useful guide to writing, publishing and selling a profitable eBook.

You'll find The eBook Coach very helpful too. Ellen Violette is offering a free 60 minute teleseminar. Discover the biggest mistakes people make with eBooks and other information products.

Writing eCourses

If you have a series of articles you can easily produce an e-course. Here's a link to a free step by step guide that will help you to
create your own e-course in a day!

The Public Domain

If you struggle to write lots of articles quickly, public domain material could be the answer. It's much easier to create a product from something that exists rather than create it from scratch.

Previously published public domain works are an excellent source of content for articles and books. If the material is in the public domain, the author's have either waived their rights or copyright has expired.

You can create your own information products in a fraction of the time it would take you to write them from scratch. Because the sources are in the public domain you can do whatever you like with them! Public domain material will save you time, give you lots of ideas and help you to create your own articles and books quickly.

You could compile a new article from multiple sources or re-write exsting articles in your own words. I don't recommend using articles as they are and attaching your name to them. Use existing material to create your own articles in your own voice.

The public domain is a treasure trove. There's masses of material available, it's just a matter of knowing where to find it. There is a very good resource for finding public domain works. I have a toolbar installed that enables me to find what I'm looking for in minutes.

The Public Domain Toolbar is simple to use. You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily you find thousands of public domain works. Within minutes you'll find sources that it would take you days to track down by yourself. I've just started on this trail - it's like a treasure hunt.

Take a look and see for yourself.

Free IQ - The Market Place for Ideas

Free IQ is set to be a brilliant resource for writers. They are looking for content providers - that could be you.

You know something that's valuable to someone else. Put your knowledge on Free IQ at no cost to you and make it available to people from all over the world.

This is a brand new service for marketing your articles, eBooks, audio and videos that is set to become big. It's a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

Free IQ allows you to post your products for free. You can either offer them for free download or sell them. There are free training videos to help you get started.

Here's the link you need

If you already have articles, eBooks, audio or video, you can use Free IQ as a free shop window. If you haven't already, it's time to get writing. Free IQ can help you to deliver your expertise to a world wide audience.

This is a great opportunity to get known and make money with your products. I believe Free IQ is set to be a major content provider, don't miss the opportunity to get in at the beginning. It's well worth taking a look.

Other Writing Resources

If you're going to write for the web, you need to use keyword research tools. There's not much point spending your precious time writing things that no one wants to read. Here are two keyword search tools that will help you to find what people are searching for.

Here's a very useful tool I collected along the way Advanced Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer. It analyses your headlines for you and helps you to see how much appeal they have.

Try the snowflake method for writing articles. This fiction technique can easily be adapted to article writing.

Research resources for writers has many links to help you find the details you're looking for.

Site Sell have a great tool for researching on the web. If you don't mind the introduction to Site Sell everytime you load Search It you'll find it's a great resource for brainstorming, competitive research, adding new ideas to an existing business, researching keywords and more.

I'll be adding more resources for writers, if you want to be kept updated, why not subscribe to my RSS feed.

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