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Resend - The 5 Minute Life Coach - Why Resolution Don't Work
January 05, 2008

I hope you don't mind me sending this issue out again. Some of the formatting got lost when I hit send yesterday. I know that some of you were finding it hard to read and I didn't want you to miss anything. Besides, I thought you might like to know that YOU are capable of extraordinary things!

Do you need a little encouragement?

This is one my favourite videos:

Notice the look on the judges faces before... and after...

If Paul had let the grim faces of the judges stop him, he'd be right back at the cellphone warehouse.

Instead...Paul did something extraordinary!

Now it's your turn. Don't settle for one more mediocre minute. Make 2008 EXTRAORDINARY.


The New Year will be bringing many new ventures for me. In addition to Christian life coaching I now offer, article writing and marketing coaching and search engine optimisation help.

I haven't yet got around to changing my web pages but I will be raising my fees in the next week or so. Be assured that exisiting and new clients will be locked into my current rates for as long as they choose to work with me.

I have another book in the pipeline, How To Hear God, and I will be running an increasing number of teleseminars. Watch this space.

On Tuesday, I will be sending out a special offer that's valid for just one day. Be sure to open the email immediately so that you won't miss out.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed New Year.

Warm regards,


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To Embrace The New You Need To Release The Old

If you're anything like me, you've been reflecting and evaluating and looking forward to making changes. Reflecting on life and making plans for improvement is a good process anytime. However, many people fail at turning their good intentions into action because they don't understand a very basic principle.

There is a foundational truth that underlies all change, to embrace the new; you need to release the old. If you want to go forward in your life, you need to let go of the things in your past that hold you back or prevent you moving on.

I wonder what's been getting in your way. For me, it's been lack of confidence and fear of getting things wrong. I accomplished an amazing amount last year because I decided to go ahead anyway, get support when I needed it and do things afraid if need be. I've broken through many barriers and am ready to smash through some more.

This time next year, I want to be able to say, "This has been the best year yet. I got closer to God, had the courage to follow His promptings and finally pursued my dreams."

I hope you are planning to make 2008 your best year yet and that 2008 isn't going to find you doing the same old things in the same old ways, or allowing the same old things to get in the way.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, "...if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come."

You are a new creation in Christ. But if you keep on doing the same old things that have never worked, your life won't be transformed. You have to cooperate with God to become what you already are in Jesus.

What keeps you from living like the new creation that you are?

  • Are you still meditating on the lies of the enemy – worrying - instead of putting your hope in God and filling your thoughts with God's promise that all of your needs are met in Jesus?

  • Are you still looking at the circumstances instead of God's promises?

  • Are you still passively expecting God to solve your problem for you rather than taking appropriate action?

  • Are you looking with fear, or with faith?

What is it that keeps you doing what has never worked, and probably never will?

What are you going to do about it?

Did you make any resolutions?

Do you know that only 10% of people actually keep the resolutions they make?

Why resolutions don’t work

Resolutions are rarely more than wishful thinking and often things that you think you should do. Should and ought are poor motivators. If you've decided to do something because you or someone else thinks you should, you're almost doomed to failure. Because you probably don't really want what you say you want, you will subconsciously sabotage your efforts or find excuses.

Can I recommend that you say goodbye to resolutions, and start working with a well formed powerful intention and step by step plan?

Ninety percent of all resolutions are broken because people set vague short term goals, don't create an action plan and don't follow through or know why they want to achieve their goal.

The why is what keeps the 10% of resolution achievers going every year! When you find that one thing that matters most to you, you're on the road to achieving your goals.

What Are You Going to Do Differently in 2008?

Remember, If you keep doing the same old things, you'll keep getting the same old results.

That simply means that if you want something different, you'll need to do something different - something you've never done before.

Do you know what that "something different" might be?

If not, I hope you'll spend some, time asking God what it is and waiting to hear so that you can get started on making this year the best year yet.

A brand new year is waiting for you. It's full of possibilities. But you'll need a plan if you’re going to make those possibilities become reality.

Today, take some time to think about what you really, want in 2008. Then figure out what you need to do differently to make it possible

Create your plan!

Free Book

I've got a free book for you to help you turn those doomed resolutions into powerful intentions.

Just right click and choose save as. I recommend that you save the book to your desktop initially, so that you'll be able to find it again.

A New You Year

I'm going to make 2008 my best year ever, I hope you are going to do the same.

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