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The 5 Minute Life Coach - How To Conquer Giants
July 14, 2008

We're already halfway through 2008.

  • Have the last few months flashed by
  • Is there anything significantly different about your life?
  • Did you move any closer to making those changes you promised yourself?
  • Or are you in the same place you were at the beginning of the year?

I hope you've managed to stay motivated and that your plans to transform you life are on track.

If you haven't already, it's time to set clear goals for 2008. If you already have goals, now is the time to remind yourself of your goals and intentions for 2008, make a step by step plan and take action. It's time to focus. Don't allow yourself to go back to living by default.

Seriously consider investing in A Renewed You. It's a very affordable 16 week program and it will help you to kickstart your life. it's much easier to buy now. You have the choice of paying in British pounds or American dollars.

By the way, don't beat yourself up for not making more progress than you have. Instead, celebrate your achievements so far and plan to take steps to get back on track. There's still plenty of time to make this the best year yet.


This year has brought many new ventures for me. In addition to Christian life coaching, I now offer article writing and marketing help, and have a search engine optimization home study program. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting alongside small business owners and demonstrating how easy it is to get your website on the first page of Google even if you're not an SEO expert and aren't technically minded.

I've also ventured into the world of teleseminars - seminars over the telephone - and have guests lined up for a new teleseminar program starting in September. We're going to kick off with Christian meditation and hearing God through your dreams.

If you have bought my book How To Hear God, I'd love to know what you like about it and whether you'd like me to offer an audio version. I'd appreciate it if you'd hit reply and give me your feedback while you remember.

It would also help to hear what you appreciate about my website and what you'd like to see more of.

Be blessed,


Blog Updates

Have you visited the Christian life coaching blog recently? There are some new updates.

You'll also find new posts on

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And if you have a website or are thinking about having your own website, I'd like to offer you the first chapter ofOptimize Your Website for free. It's a must if you'd like to get more visitors to your website.

Conquering Giants

Often, when God lays something on you heart, it seems impossible at first because, in the natural, you can't see how it can possibly happen. Yet, if you press in and ask God to show you the way and give you what you need to bring it about, the seemingly impossible often becomes possible.

The key to seeing your dreams come to pass is to look with eyes of faith and shrink mountainous obstacles to the molehills they really are with faith filled prayer.

Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible; calling forth that which is not yet, as though it were. (Romans 4)

If you only ever attempt the possible you won't have very strong faith muscles

I encourage you to listen to what God is saying to you and then reach for what He puts on your heart with fervent, faith-filled prayer, followed by focused action.

Faith without works is dead

If I had allowed not knowing how to create a web presence or build a website stand in the way of reaching for my dream, I wouldn't have a website and God wouldn't have been able to use me to bless so many people in so many nations.

It was a huge challenge. In January 2007 I began with an idea and determination to finally do what God had laid on my heart and conquer my giants. And I discovered that nothing is impossible with God. As I have leaned on Him and dared to step out, He has provided the help and inspiration that I needed.

In 1985 I was single and and thirty and had begun to wonder if God would ever give me the husband and children I longed for. I reminded Him of His promises and reached out in faith even though in the natural I couldn't see anyone who I would be happy to have as my hsuband.

A week later, a colleague introduced me to Tim, and I soon knew that God had given me one of his treasure. 6 weeks later Tim asked me to marry him and just 12 weeks later we were married.

We went on to have 5 children and we celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary on Sunday 20th July, on my 54th birthday. We have had many adventures in God along the way. We have faced many seemingly impossible situations. Our first child needed major surgery and if we hadn't reached out in faith and put our hope in God she would have died when she was only a few weeks old.

Our life together has had its share of difficulties, but as we have reached out and trusted God He has rewarded our faith and made a way where there seemed no way.

I encourage you to pray and believe and act on what you hear God say. When you do that you'll find that you become a giant slayer too.

Don't just pray when you feel like it or when you have to because things are so bad that you cry out in desperation. Schedule time with God and keep your appointment.

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tyre?

Jesus is interceding for you and He has given you the Holy Spirit as your helper. He promised that He would never leave you or forsake you. He is always with you. Stop for a moment and think about that, let it sink in. Jesus Himself is interceding for you.

Someone once said that your prayers lay the track down which God's power can come - like a mighty locomotive, His power is irresistible, but it cannot reach you without rails.

Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees. Don't let anything keep you from praying, reach out to God and know that He will meet you were you are.

Prayer is a dialogue. God's voice in response to yours. Discover how to hear God and act on what you hear. Your life will never be the same again.

Be Blessed

If you've been receiving my newsletter for a while, you'll have seen this movie before, but it's so good, I wanted to offer you the opportunity to see it again so that your heart could be encouraged.

May you be blessed as you sit back, turn up your speakers, and watch and listen and ponder in your heart.

Just click on the link below, and think about sharing this short movie with your friends and family too. It might just make their day!

Bless You movie

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