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5 Minute Life Coach - What is August for you?
August 11, 2009

What's happening at Christian Life Coaching?

How To Forgive - Thursday 13th August

  • Why it is important to forgive
  • Why forgiving can be so hard
  • How to forgive someone who has hurt you
  • Forgiving yourself for mistakes you have made in the past
  • What happens when you forgive
  • What happens when you refuse to forgive
  • How to forgive when you don't want to
  • Common myths about forgiveness

And much more...

If you know that you need to forgive someone but you're struggling to forgive them, come and find the keys you need.

If you know that God has forgiven you but you are struggling to forgive yourself then you need to be on this call.

Click here to reserve your place for How To Forgive

If the dates don't fit with your schedule, register anyway and I'll make sure you get a link to the replay.

Did you take advantage of my birthday offer?

I'm keeping the offer open for 24 more hours so that if you were on holiday you can still take advantage of A Renewed You for just $8.50 a month for 4 months, that's around £5.

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A Renewed You Coaching Program

August is a time of reflection

August is always a time of reflection for me. It's a time for switching off the computer, reading, reviewing my journals and listening out for what God has in mind. September usually sees the birth of many new things that flow out of the inspiration and ideas that abound as a result of all the pondering.

Last night I was reading my journal from 2003. I'm amazed at how different life is now, and whilst I can see the seeds of today's life there, I also see how easy it would have been for me to miss what God had for me by running with ideas that were barely formed and needed Godís shaping.

It was heartening to be reminded of the things that God had said to me and it really helped to see that while my initial ideas weren't always Godís best, I never completely missed it either, I was just trying to run with a picture that hadn't been finely tuned by God.

I'm glad He loves me enough to not always give me what I ask for in the form that I ask for. I was really encouraged to see that when I misunderstood what He was saying, nothing was lost. My loving Father saw my heart and He worked everything together for good. He proved over and over that He knows best, He sees the end from the beginning!

When I have more time I'll share some of the insights He gave me, I know you'll be blessed as I was.

If you don't yet keep a journal and record your journey with God, I highly recommend it. If you download Randy Peck's book you'll find lots of inspiration to get you started.

Journaling For Breakthroughs

The Journal - Journaling software that will help you to keep track of what God is saying to you

Jewels from my inbox

I get a lot of emails every day, and interspersed with the mundane are real gems in the form of carefully selected newsletters.

Here is what I gleaned this morning:

I'm Accepted, I'm Blessed, I'm Loved

This subject line caught my attention and reminded me of who I am and who my Father is

Will you look as good at 93

The email took me to an excellent article reminding me of the many benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I'm encouraged to keep up my new regime of fresh air and sunshine, filtered water, nutrient rich food and exercise.

If you'd like to join me chck out Uncommon Wellness an audio book with Dr Jerry Graham, Sharon Graham and Dr Randy Peck, it is an excellent guide.

No grumbling allowed

This gem came for Joyce Averils who is my teleseminar guest on Thursday.

God can't use us when we're complaining. Complaining and grumbling also hurts our witness for Christ.

Give thanks in everything

First Thessalonians 5:18 says, ". . .give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

And, Philippians 4:12 says,

"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."

Paul knew the importance of being thankful, no matter what the circumstance.

My Challenge to You This Week:

Take a moment to do a heart check. If you find any grumbling and complaining, do an operation and cut it out. Replace it with a heart of thanksgiving.

Do join us for Thursday's telesminar on forgiveness, it could be just the key you're looking for.

Click here to reserve your place for How To Forgive

If you'd like some help but have a limited budget, take advantage of my offer of the A Renewed You Coaching Program at a price you can afford. You have no excuse for not moving forward, It is a bargain!

Do you want to hear God More Clearly?

I hope you're taking time to get to know God more. Consciously spend time talking with God every day and your life will be transformed. When you know what God is saying the journey is much simpler.

If you struggle to hear God these resources will help you

How To Hear God

If you would like to hear God more clearly and discover the joy of two way communication with God I have a step by step guide that will help you to hear God more clearly. Once you can hear God and are brave enough to act on what you hear, your life will never be the same.

How to Hear God Through Your Dreams

An audio designed to help you understand what God is saying through your dreams.

Lynne Recommends

7 Powerful Keys To Unlock Your Life's Potential by Janet Daughtry

This audio series will help you to live life as God intended. It contains the very best of Janet's Christian life coaching and is some of the best value coaching you will ever find.

Access To Previous Seminars

If you have missed previous seminars, they are archived in the Coaching Cafe, just register for a free trial membership and you will have immediate access to all the resources, they might be just what you need to inspire and equip you to get started and keep going.

Christian Life Coaching Cafe free trial

You can't lose, there are many resources to inspire and encourage your heart. It is incredible value, the first 2 weeks are FREE and if you don't want to pay ever, you just need to cancel your membership before the end of the two week trial.

Here's some of what you will find there

  • How To Heal A Broken Heart - Renato Amato
  • Discover Your Life Purpose - Dr Jerry Graham
  • What You need To do To Be Well - Sharon Graham
  • It Happened By Design - God Incidences - Kathie Thomas
  • How To Move Past Fear - Janet Daughtry
  • Navigating Divorce As A Christian - Shelley Grieser
  • Journaling For Breakthroughs - Dr Randy Peck
  • And much much more...

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