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The 5 Minute Life Coach - Procrastination Busters
April 07, 2009

Last week's It Happened By Design call blessed a lot of people, thanks for all the great feedback. If you missed the call, You can access the replay in the Life Coaching Cafe.

Our very own God incidence

This is a God incidence sparked by sending out my newsletters ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi Lynne

I went online to check my e-mails this afternoon before leaving the house to collect my daughters from school. I opened your e-mail and read about the teleseminar on the 31 March I was attracted by the guest speaker talking about 'God-incidences,'...

Well I would like to tell you ONE that I had this afternoon through your e-mail...

When I clicked on the link, in your email I couldn't believe my eyes...! Here was a lady who had created a business out of becoming a virtual assistant.

I've been trying to discern my own career path with a few options in view but the one thing that kept coming back to me(and gave me peace) was becoming self-employed as a virtual assistant...It has been on my mind for some time now....

I actually looked into this officially with the local Chamber of Commerce last week and had been praying and hoping for the Lord's confirmation as to whether I should move forward on this...! Also, an e-mail had come through at the same time from the priest who I transcribe for actually offering to pay me officially for future work!

One last little thing...I got in the car mulling over all of this, this must be the Lord's leading, and I turned into a little side road to turn the car around the right way. When I looked at the name of the road, it was "Lynn Avenue"...

I've turned into this road dozens of times and never even noticed the name of the road before...doesn't the Lord have a great sense of humour! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

God is amazing!

Do come and sample the caf. You can try it free for a month, nothing to pay unless you decide to stay a member after the no obligation trial period.

You can't lose, and there are lots of resources to inspire and encourage your heart. I've just added a great guide to help you set effective goals.

Christian Life Coaching Cafe free trial

A break for Easter

Our next no cost teleseminar will be on 21st April. Dr Jerry Graham will be helping you to discover your Life Purpose. I'll send you more details of the call next week.

Do join us, the call is completely free and you can listen in on your computer from the comfort of your own home.

Here is the link to register for the call, be sure to let your friends know so that they can find keys to help them discover their life purpose.

What value do you place on wellness?

What is wellness? If I'm not sick, I'm well, right? What's the big deal?

Unfortunately, most people have never really experienced wellness, or if they have, it was so long ago that they've long since forgotten what it feels like to be truly well. Not being ill does not necessarily mean you are well.

"Modern medicine tells us to accept headaches, stomach distress, body pain, fatigue, arthritis, and thousands of other common ailments as inevitable symptoms that afflict an aging population." Paul Zane Pilzer, The New Wellness Revolution

Wellness is far-reaching and there are people better equipped to tell you about it than I am. I'd like to offer you the first chapter of wellness coaching for free. You get a downloadable pdf file and a 40 minute audio. I recommend you listen NOW to this life-changing audio.

Although the free audio and pdf file is by way of introduction to a new e-book and seven-part webinar series on wellness, you will take away strategies that you can put to work right now. Just click on this link to get your free audio and discover more about caring for the only physical body you will ever have.

It's already started to change my life.

Something to Ponder

If we don't act on a good idea within 24 hours, we are less than 50% likely to ever act on it. If we haven't acted on it inside of days, then we are less than 2% likely to ever act on it. - Bill Gates

What action will you take today?

Procrastination Busters

Does it really matter if you conquer procrastination?

Amongst other things, constantly putting things off can lead to missed opportunities, disappointments, a sense of failure and stress. What you leave undone drains you, it's worth putting things in place to help you get things done and plug the energy drain.

What is the most effective way of conquering procrastination?

It helps to know what's behind your procrastination. What stops you from starting or completing a task or project? Once you know what you are battling you can take action to remove the obstacles.

Possible causes and solutions

Overburdened If you have too much on your plate and can't find the time to start a job, drop or demote things that give you the least benefit to create the time you need. Does it really matter if a routine task is deferred to create space for something more pressing or beneficial?

Fear If you're afraid of starting because you think it could cause physical or emotional pain or discomfort, break the job into comfortable or less painful chunks and tackle it one chunk at a time. If you do a little consistently you will eventually complete the chore.

Resentment If you resent doing the job because it's been forced on you or you think somebody else should be doing it, speak up. Be brave enough to let your objection be known and see if you can arrange for a more appropriate person to do the job. If this strategy doesn't work, ask God for grace and just do it.

Overwhelmed If you feel overwhelmed because you're not sure how to go about doing the job, ask for help or take steps to discover how. Someone somewhere has been confronted with the same problem. They have either written about it or are willing to show you how.

It's worth noting that you only procrastinate when you're confronted with something you don't really want to do. When you truly want to do something, you find a way of doing it. So change your focus, identify the benefit you'll get from completing the job and stop focusing on the negatives.

This change of focus works even if the only benefit is not having the worry of the unfinished job any more.

The strategy is

  • identify the problem
  • remove the obstacles
  • change your focus
  • take consistent focused action

You will soon feel the benefits.

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