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How to plug your energy leaks
September 30, 2020
Blessings for great grace and fuel from Heaven.

My prayer for you is that today's coaching moment will give you strategies to help you to plug your energy leaks.

I have four goals for The 5 Minute Life Coach

  • Provide encouragement, tools, ideas and strategies to help you to design your life the way you want it to be
  • Connect you with valuable resources
  • Help you live your life on purpose and make God's dream for you a reality.
  • Do all this in a format that's quick and easy to read and digest.

It will be so much easier to achieve these goals with feedback from you. If you have any comments, or content ideas I'd love to hear from you. Simply reply to this email and let me know what would help you most.

If you'd appreciate more regular updates and being able to chat with me, I invite you to join in the conversation on my Facebook page. You'll find lots of encouragement and inspiration there.

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How to plug your energy leaks

Every time you decide to put something off, you continue to spend energy remembering that you need to do it, it never quite goes away and you waste energy thinking about it!

You use up a surprising amount of mental space when you continue to tolerate lots of unfinished or unresolved things.

You could be tolerating something as mundane as a dripping tap or something as serious as putting up with someone treating you badly.

What are you tolerating?

Whatever it is, it's taking up time and attention and draining your energy.

In the short term it might seem easier to ignore the problem than to do anything about it. Maybe life's overwhelming right now or you're so used to struggling that it's a normal part of your life. What you don't realise is that continuing to put things off, or avoiding doing them, is costing you and the people around you.

When you start to identify things that you've been tolerating and deal with them, you'll find that you're less stressed and much happier. It's really worth the effort it takes to deal with things.

Simple strategies for dealing with things you've been tolerating.

Make a list of all the things you've been putting up with

They can be big or small. But all of them are probably things that keep resurfacing, or never get crossed off your to do list.

For example: I need to:

  • Get an insurance quote
  • Finish the accounts so I can file my tax return
  • File things so I can easily find them again
  • Write a difficult letter that will involve spending time digging out information.
  • Sort out the cupboard under the stairs
  • Reply to email enquiries
  • Return phone calls
  • Update my website and fix the broken links
  • Ask my husband to mend a few things that have been a source of irritation...

Keep writing until you can't think of anything else to write.

Then, for each thing on your list, decide which of the following categories it fits into and take appropriate action

  • It's totally in my control - just decide to do it - put a time and date in your diary now.

  • I can influence this situation - use your influence to change it - decide when you'll do that and how you'll go about it.

  • It isn't under my control or in my sphere of influence - take yourself out of the situation or accept that you can't change it and LET GO. Stop the energy drain.

If the thing you're tolerating involves someone else, remember you're more likley to get a good response if you make a request rather than complain or grumble.

Work through your list, one item at a time, until you've dealt with everything.

By the end of today you could have dealt with ONE of the smaller things you've been tolerating and be reaping the benefits of a weight off your mind.

When you deal with all the things you've been putting up with you'll have more mental energy and you'll be free to work on bigger goals and dreams - things you sense God wants you to do, things you feel good about and that make you feel good about yourself and the contribution you're making.

"Nothing is as fatiguing as the continued hanging on of an uncompleted task." William James
If you're

  • Sensing that it's time to do something different
  • Feel like you're going through the motions and not getting very far
  • Seriously hoping there's more to life than you're experiencing right now but don't know what it is...
This free training will help you to get clear about what God put you on earth to do and design your life in a way that enables you to fulfil God's calling on your life.

How to Discover Your Life Purpose

Blessings to plug the energy drains, persevere, and live life fulfilled.


P.S. I encourage you to seriously consider equipping yourself with coaching strategies.

Why? Because they

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NOBODY who does Life Breakthrough Training stays the same. Everybody is transformed from the inside out as they apply what they're learning to their own lives and use the coaching skills they learn in every day situations.

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