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Gods timetable is often very different to ours
February 26, 2019
Food for thought...

God's timetable is often very different to ours and our path often takes UNEXPECTED turns...

Joseph had an amazing dream. But what followed didn't look ANYTHING like his dream. He was thrown into a pit, sold as a slave, falsely accused and then thrown into prison.

Where was the future God had shown Him?

When he was perplexed and felt that he'd been forgotten, God caused him to be remembered.

His promotion from prison to the palace to becoming second-in-command to Pharaoh came SUDDENLY when he wasn't expecting it.

The negative series of events served to shape him to become the man for the hour...

They emptied him of self importance and pride, they prepared and equipped him, purged and proved him.

Through all the trials he learned to RELY on God and serve HUMBLY wherever he was.

God has planted dreams in your heart that are impossible in your own strength.

When He gives you a glimpse of your future the events and processes that follow produce in you the ability to walk in what He prepared for you to do... IF you cooperate and let them do their intended work.

Things rarely happen in the the way we have them planned out.
Life rarely looks like we thought it would.

We tend to see the promised outcome and focus on that... forgetting that God has His ways and means and RARELY takes us in a straight line.

We forget that there's often a messy middle.

No matter how hard you try to MAKE things happen, your destiny comes about in God's way, by His Hand, in His timing.

The key, is to walk humbly with God and continue to TRUST even though...

Ask God to show you what you need to know and look with eyes of FAITH, daring to BELIEVE that God WILL do what He said he would do when the time is right.

"Until the time that his word came to pass, The word of the LORD tested him." Psalm 105:19

When you KNOW your purpose and you're CLEAR about your calling, even when things aren't going as planned you can KEEP walking in faith.

Wondering how?

This free training will help you to get clear about your life purpose and design your life in a way that enables you to fulfil God's calling on your life.

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How to Discover Your Life Purpose

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Blessings to overcome, BE who God created you to be, and DO what He called you to do.



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