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5 Min Life Coach - How do you respond to adversity?
April 05, 2013

At the beginning of this year the Lord said, "Trust me, don't falter or waiver whatever life throws at you. Simply trust me and carry on believing that I will do what I promised. Only believe.

I will watch over my word to you and see that it comes to pass. All you need to do is water it with faith and create the right environment for it to grow and thrive."

He reminded me of that yesterday when my husband received 2 week's notice that he will be out of work again. Tim worked for 6 months last year, and so far this year has only been in employment for 5 weeks. Testing times.

How are you responding to adversity?

I invite you to respond by saying,

"Lord I know you have everything in hand and I thank you that you don't sleep or slumber, you are always on time, never late. I thank you for fresh opportunities and for releasing all the provision we need."

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Today's Coaching Moment - If you want different results you need to do something differently!

Today's coaching moment is designed to inspire you to take purposeful action and bring about the change you long to see.

Succeeding in life isn't automatic. Living life to the full requires developing a lifestyle that keeps you moving forward toward what God has purposed for you.

There is no secret, it's simply a matter of learning to make better choices daily.

Make a decision to line up your life with Godly principles and take steps every day towards your goals and life purpose. God's destiny for you will become clearer with every step!

If you trip up, put things right with God and get back on track.

Just reading about things might help you to change your life to some degree. But if you purposefully take the time to put into practice some of the things you're learning, you're much more likely to see lasting transformation.

People buy books and training programs, but very few people actually follow through and complete them. Studies show that if you just read or listen to someone telling you something, after six weeks, you'll only have retained about 10% of what you heard. If you do something practical to experience what you're learning, you'll retain much more.

Acting on what you learn will set you apart from millions of people who remain unchanged by what they read and learn because they don't apply it to their life, they don't take action.

Knowledge without application isn't much use. People attend seminars and training classes to learn things, but sadly few people go on to apply what they learn. They get as far as taking the first step to change by making a decision to invest time and money, but they stop short of completing and taking action, that's as far as they get.

Be sure that you don't fall into the trap of thinking that you're doing something, just because you've read about it or know about it. Make sure you take the next steps of applying what you learn and developing new habits to help you do what you're learning consistently.

Excuses are probably the biggest obstacle to doing things that you know will do you good, things that you actually want to do.

Maybe it's not the right time because you're busy or too tired...but when you keep on putting things off, they begin to mount up. You end up feeling discouraged, and you put things off even more.

If you allow a backlog of even simple things to build up it will result in underlying stress, and feelings of guilt and discouragement.

You might tell yourself you need to wait until you have a full day to focus on the things you've been putting off. But the reality is that the full day rarely arrives, and if it does, you're more likely to do something appealing and fun rather than deal with the backlog.

Maybe you have an idea of what you want in life, but you feel stuck. Or you've tried before, but given up or had a bad experience. Here's some good news for you. The past only affects your present if you let it. Each day is an opportunity for a fresh new start!

So, decide right now either to complete something or make a decision NOT to do it and take it off your to do list!!

  • What have you been putting off that if you did it would change your life in some way?
  • What simple steps can you take today that will help move you in the right direction?

Identify exactly what you will do.

Be specific and follow through by doing whatever you need to do right now.

In future editions of The 5 Minute Life Coach I'll continue to help you adopt a breakthrough lifestyle that will help you transform your life.

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