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5 Min Life Coach - Which of these lies do you tell yourself?
September 10, 2012

"I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which He has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints" Ephesians 1:18

Today's Coaching Moment

Today's coaching article asks the question, "Which of these self-defeating lies do you repeatedly tell yourself?" and offers help to deal with these hidden obstacles to growth. You'll find the article below.

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Which of these self-defeating lies do you repeatedly tell yourself?

Your goals and good intentions are doomed to failure unless you deal with persistent obstacles that dog your footsteps and sabotage your efforts. One major barrier to lasting change is self-talk: the things you habitually or unconsciously tell yourself about who you are and how things will work out.

Which of these obstacles are holding you back?

Believing you'll never get past your limitations

Why bother exercising self-control or creating a new habit when you know you'll probably fail anyway? Don't expect so much of yourself, and you won't feel bad when things don’t work out.

Believing there isn't much point trying because you'll probably fail will protect you from disappointment BUT it will also keep you from stepping out and having a go.

Living a driven life

Even though you've accomplished a lot, in your darker moments you feel empty. You keep striving for more even though what you’ve achieved isn't as satisfying as you thought it would be. But you can't stop pushing! The things that seem to be just out of reach - your parent's approval, financial success, promotion - they're on the way!

Being determined has got you this far, now isn't the time to stop. You just need to try a bit harder. If anyone can do it you can. And when you do, you'll be proved right.

Avoiding things by keeping busy

Life is tough so you distract yourself and give yourself easy enjoyment by watching TV, or staying up late playing computer games or talking on Facebook or surfing the internet. Things like that keep you occupied without much effort and they give you an excuse to avoid things for hours.

Blaming and not taking responsibility for your part

You know conflict is a two way street, but they're the ones who are really to blame. With the things you have to put up with it's a wonder you manage to be as gracious as you are. You're in the right. If they apologise, you'll let them off the hook. If they don’t, you’ll keep on letting them know they have a problem. Maybe the shaming, sulking, passive-aggressive behaviour they’re getting from you is the thing that will finally lead them to see the error of their ways and change

You don't need help

People have let you down in the past so you've learned to be self-sufficient: "I can do it, I don't need help." Just because your marriage has lost its spark, or the children are getting out of hand, or debt is mounting, that doesn't mean you should go running to for help. It's just part of life, things will turn around eventually. You aren't any worse than anybody else. You just need to hold things together, there's no need to let people your how bad you feel sometimes.

Nobody Understands You

If people really knew how you felt, they'd get off your back. THEY get disappointed, and for some reason it’s your fault! You did as well as anybody could have given the circumstances. Things changed, and there was no reasonable way to give them what you promised. They obviously don't understand the demands on your life.

Either do something about it or stop talking about it!

You're facing tough issues in life: problems at home, conflicts at work... But you're a survivor. God is using this to teach you patience. You just need to keep on going. Thinking too much about what's going on and how to change it is a distraction you can't afford. And you have a nagging feeling that you might be to blame. If you start paying attention to self-doubts, they'll drag you down. This is about survival. If you keep plodding on, you'll get through it

Do it right or don't do it at all

There's a right way and wrong way to do everything, and you're committed to excellence; to doing it right! Every problem has a best solution. Every decision takes you down a right or wrong path. If you make the right choice, God will bless you. If you get it wrong, you'll just have to suffer the consequences of your bad decision.

The consequences of getting it wrong are so high, it's no wonder you get tied up in knots whenever you face a big decision. You'd look like a failure if you did something wrong - at least to yourself. The safest way is to analyze everything thoroughly before you do anything, minimize risk, and make sure you do it right. (Based on an article by Tony Stoltfuz)

What if, instead of trying to cope with these thinking patterns, you could eliminate them? What if in 90 days they were gone from your life?

Stop for a few minutes and imagine what life would be like if you were no longer afraid, or no longer driven, or if you could let go of needing to look as though you have it all together.

  • What would that be like?
  • What would it give you?
  • How would your life change?

What are you willing to commit to change so that you can live life free of these obstacles?

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Blessings as you choose to embark on a closer walk with God!


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