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5 Min Life Coach: It's personal!
July 20, 2015
"Lord, You know everything there is to know about me...

You've examined my innermost being with Your loving gaze. You perceive every movement of my heart and soul, And understand my every thought before it even enters my mind!... You formed my innermost being, shaping my delicate inside and my intricate outside, and wove them all together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139 TPT

On July 16 I had the privilege of being a panelist on a live global broadcast entitled It's Personal, with Jennifer Eivaz, Steve Schultz, and Gary Beaton. It was extraordinary.

Click here to watch the replay of "It's Personal" while it is available for free.

This broadcast is part of the 12-week series "Soaring333: Contending with God for your Breakthrough" being led by Steve Shultz, founder of The Elijah List.

While Soaring333 is a paid course, Dr. Joseph Peck agreed to make the replay available to my followers at no cost for a few days. In addition, he agreed to make a very special offer for the Soaring333 course. You will find details on the replay page.

I learned long ago that when you are open and prepared to be vulnerable it gives people permission to be real. It also gives them hope, helps them to believe that there is a way and that they will get through with the Lord's help.

"Surely you desire truth even in the womb; you teach me wisdom in that secret place." Psalm 51:6

God is the source of our lives. If we are to be formed in His image we need to be real with Him so that the reality of His life can be manifested in ours. True relationships require truth in the inward parts.

The seminar spoke to me personally and reminded me of many circumstances in my life journey. As I was listening I was reminded by Holy Spirit that I came through each event richer because I leaned on Him.

When we press in close to Jesus, He carries us safely through. He doesn't always give us the outcome we want but He walks with us. He knows our anguish, we can trust Him to be who He says He is and do what is right for us in those moments.

God gave you your emotions, He can handle them. He knows everything about you, He knows you intimately and loves you deeply.

Spiritual warfare gets personal because the devil knows our weaknesses and he makes it personal. Obedience to God gets personal as contradictions come into your life that challenge what you thought you knew about God.

In this seminar, Jennifer Eivaz shares from the Word and from her own journey to help you see that contending with God is necessary when things become personal and you need breakthrough.

Click here to watch the replay of "It's Personal" so that you can learn how to contend with God.

May you be blessed and receive keys to break through as you watch and listen.


I'm blessed to be celebrating 30 years of marriage today, it's also my 61st birthday and I've been walking with the Lord for 42 years! Life has had it's ups and downs, high spots and low spots, times when it seemed as though the Heaven's were brass, but the Lord has proved Himself faithful and walked with me every step of the way.

I encourage you to Hold on to what God has promised, don't let go, push through, determined to see His promises come to pass. Keep on praying, keep on contending. Expect to receive the fullness of what God is saying and what He has promised to do.

Share your heart with the Lord and ask Him to share His heart with you... listen to the recording of the seminar – It's Personal - Contending With God for Your Breakthrough and be empowered to lay hold of God and get beyond stuck It's Personal

It's not where we start that counts, it's where we finish!

Blessings to step into all God has for you!


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Lynne Lee is a Christian life coach and life coach trainer, who helps people to see themselves through God'e eyes and live life as He intended.

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