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5 Min LC: How to keep going once you've got started
February 03, 2019
Blessings for wisdom, insight, and understanding.

It's been great being back in touch with you again! I'm so glad I forced myself out of overthinking and finally wrote to you on Thursday. Thank you for your heartening messages.

I'm encouraged to see so many of you register for my free online seminar Keys To Get Unstuck

You know, the struggle with overthinking things doesn't just go away, even for coaches 😊 I think that's especially true when something is REALLY important to you.

And the 5 Minute Life Coach and YOU are important to me. I believe this is something God has called me to do, it's part of my ministry, and I want to serve you well and be a source of encouragement and inspiration.

If you sometimes struggle with overthinking and continuing to KEEP moving forward (or even just get started), here are a few things that will help...

  1. Setting a deadline. I challenged myself to write again by today because I wanted to make sure I keep going now that I've started again. If I hadn't done that the likelihood is that I'd have ended up sending another apology email!

    And to make absolutely sure I followed through on my commitment and wrote this second email, I made myself accountable to somebody. Setting a deadline on its own isn't always enough, things are more likely to happen when you make a commitment and add in accountability.

  2. Breaking things down into small chunks! The smaller the better. I recommend breaking the task down into small easily actionable steps so there's no barrier to just doing it.

    Whenever I have something important on my plate like preparing and delivering a coaching webinar BECAUSE there are so many things to do, and because I want to honour people's time and make it worthwhile, and I don't want to make a mess of it...

    I break everything into small chunks so that so it doesn't seem too big, so that it's manageable, and I can wake up each day knowing EXACTLY what I need to do next.

    If there's something you can do right away and have time to do, just get it done. If there's something you can delegate, delegate it.

    Give yourself a deadline, set reminders and follow up on them. And if it helps, make yourself accountable to someone.

  3. Plan your day the day before so that you can start the day knowing what your priorities are and what you have committed to do. Then FOCUS until those tasks are done.

    I wrote an article on clearing clutter that talks about how to do that, You'll find it here A Step by Step Guide to Clearing Clutter

Now, I know that these simple tips won't solve everything but they will get you started and help you to keep going. Often the most helpful things are the most simple.

  • Chunking things down to small doable steps
  • Setting deadlines
  • Making a commitment
  • Asking someone to hold you accountable
  • Planning your priorities the day before

It might sound too simple, but your life really can change, your dreams really can become reality, ONE small action at a time.

I hope that encouraged you to get started and keep going. If I can help you with anything or answer any questions, please just hit reply and let me know!

If you haven't yet registered for my coaching webinar You can do that here

Keys To Unlock Your Breakthrough and Get Unstuck

I appreciate you.


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