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5 Min Life Coach: There is no panic in heaven!
November 28, 2016
"There is no panic in heaven! God has no problems, only plans." Corrie Ten Boom

Lynne LeeI received many encouraging responses after the last edition of The 5 Minute Life Coach, I'm glad you found the tips about having difficult conversations helpful. I have more insightful help for you this week... a no cost online seminar with James Goll

How to Thrive In Turbulent Times

James Goll

With fear, slander, riots, division, and unrest at every turn, what are we to do? It sometimes seems as though the world as we know it is unraveling before our eyes!

Scripture teaches us that the shaking and glory will come together. But what are we to expect? How do we prepare in these turbulent times? How do we thrive even though?

To get to the right answers you need to be asking the right questions! The sons of Issachar knew the times and the seasons, and they taught the people of Israel how to respond and live appropriately.

Perhaps the question we need to ask is not, "What is coming net?" but rather "How should we now live?"

Jesus said that in the end times men's hearts would fail for fear. But He has much more than that to say to His disciples. He also gave them a solid foundation, hope, and the promised Holy Spirit to teach them and remind them of all He had said.

We have a choice during turbulent times. We can cultivate a culture of FAITH or a culture of fear.

Which will you choose to cultivate? Fear or faith?

How to Live In Turbulent Times

Haggai 2 shows us a mirrored pattern between the natural temple in Jerusalem and the spiritual temple, the body of Christ. It is very relevant to us today. They both:

  1. Started out in grandeur
  2. Faced destruction or decline
  3. Reemerged in strength
  4. Received prophetic declaration during uncertain times, "The Glory Will Be Greater!"

In place of fear, God wants you to receive the strength and courage to become a person of GREAT FAITH who will STAND STRONG no matter what comes.

God wants you to receive spiritual insight, HIS perspective, and INSTRUCTION that will ANCHOR YOU IN HOPE, and encourage and equip you to LIVE AS A BRIGHT LIGHT in the darkness of the world around you.

In this no cost online seminar you will discover:

  • The enemy's favorite tactics and how to overcome them
  • Ways to use the Word of God to stymie the effects of delay
  • How to recognize deception and overcome the lies of the enemy
  • Ways to stay focused and grounded in the midst of uncertainty
  • How to break the power of disappointment and depression
  • How to live as a victorious overcomer in Turbulent Times!

This is where you go to reserve your place.

Please reserve my place so I can learn how to thrive

If the time doesn't work for you, register anyway and we'll send you a link to the replay.

Please share this edition of the 5 Minute Life Coach with your friends so that we can partner together to cultivate an atmosphere of faith.

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