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5 Min Life Coach: How to grow in discernment
August 24, 2016
Blessings to know God more, and grow in discernment

"Did God Really Say That?"

When you're learning to hear God's voice, there is one question that EVERYONE wants to know the answer to:

How do I know it's God speaking and not just my own thoughts?

You are warmly invited to join me for a free online seminar that answers that question.

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Another way of asking the same question could be, "Is what I am hearing from God, myself, or the enemy?" If you're going to avoid being deceived and grow in discerning when it's God, there are some key questions that you need to ask.

  • Does what I'm hearing feed my ego or exalt Jesus?
  • Does it seem destructive?
  • Is it negative, pushy, fearful, or accusative?
  • Is it contrary to God's nature or the Word of God?
  • Is it instructive, uplifting, and comforting?
  • Does it encourage me to continue in my walk with God?
  • And several more...

Learning to discern God's voice requires that you apply important filters. You need to

  1. Identify the source
  2. Examine the content, and apply the plumbline fo Scripture
  3. See the fruit

Scripture outlines very clear tests for determining whether revelation is from God. Applying these tests consistently and correctly requires practice, but you can learn to hear God more clearly and know when revelation is from Him.

In over 40 years of walking in prophetic ministry, James Goll has learned many valuable lessons about the sources of revelation and how to test the spirits.

He is going to share some of the challenges he has faced including:

  • Encounters in which he has had to scrutinize the source of the revelation
  • How to handle an intense encounter when a dark messenger appears
  • How to respond when "knowings" or "discernings" come
  • Revelations giving glimpses into "divine intelligence"

You need to know know how to stay grounded in the midst of spiritual encounters. As you apply the principles James Goll shares and put them into practice, you will grow in confidence in hearing God, knowing when revelation is from Him, and what to do with what you hear.

In this no cost seminar you will discover:

  • The 3 sources of revelation
  • What questions to ask to determine the source of revelation
  • 9 scriptural tests for judging revelation
  • Why prophecy today is not perfect in its delivery
  • How to prove or judge modern revelation against scripture
  • Why discerning of spirits is so important and how to grow in it

Go here now to reserve your place

If the time doesn't work, register anyway and we'll send you a link to the replay.

If you missed James Goll's last seminar: "If God can use a donkey He can use you!" You'll find the replay here

You'll discover how to encounter God in new ways, and learn how to hear Him more clearly, and more often.

Have you ever had a bad day? How about a really difficult week?

Sure you have, we all do. And when life is tough it's stressful.

The key to peace and success is handling stressful times well.

There are key skills you can develop to help you deal successfully with the stresses of life, and they are based on wisdom gleaned from Scripture.

If you want to discover how to handle stress the right way you'll find helpful strategies in this video replay, it's available to listen to now

Blessings to walk in greater discernment.


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Lynne Lee is a Christian life coach and life coach trainer, who helps people to see themselves through God'e eyes and live life as He intended.

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