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5 Min Life Coach: No cost training, too good to miss!
July 27, 2016

No Cost training - How to hear God - James Goll

I encourage you to join us for this no cost online seminar so that you can discover how to encounter God in new ways, and have the closer walk with God you long for.

One of the most important foundations you can build is how to hear God’s voice and apply God's wisdom to your everyday life.

God speaks in such multi-faceted ways that sometimes the thought of hearing God can be intimidating. There is great comfort in recognizing that the God who invented language can use ANY means He chooses to get His messages through to you in ways that you can recognize and understand.

Scripture highlights dozens of ways that God speaks:

  • Thunder
  • Fire
  • Audible voice
  • Through other people
  • Messenger Angels
  • Trances
  • Visions
  • Dreams... and many more!

A BIG KEY, is to know that God has intentionally included infallible revelation in the Scriptures for you to use as a guide to interpret and understand the ongoing revelation that He is giving every day.

As you cultivate a vibrant relationship with Jesus, He will continue to speak to you and guide you in any many ways, some very unexpected!

James Goll will share stories from some of the numerous ways God has spoken to him.

  • God talking over the phone
  • Vivid dreams that impart revelation
  • Open visions
  • Going to heaven and being sent back
  • Abiding in the tangible presence of God gaining understanding from the Book of Esther... and other encounters.

I KNOW that God wants you to hear Him better and more often. He wants you to have ears to hear, and understand what He is saying.

As you hear stories of how God has spoken in the past, I believe that your faith will be activated and stirred so that YOU will hear God in new ways!

In this online seminar you will discover:

  • 20 multi-faceted ways that God has spoken in scripture
  • Why not all divine revelation is included in Scripture
  • How prophetic revelation in scripture points to the person of Jesus Christ
  • The 2 realms of revelation that are still received today
  • The correlation between logos and rhema revelation
  • How to activate your faith to hear God personally in new ways

Register now to reserve your place and join over 1000 people just like you who are hungry to hear God.

Reserve your place now

God is still speaking and He wants YOU to hear Him.

Blessings to hear God


P.S. It's now easier to get equipped to help people more effectively while transforming your own life.

I'm offering Christian coach training as a self-paced course over the summer months so that you can easily fit it around your commitments.

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Lynne Lee is a Christian life coach and life coach trainer, who helps people to see themselves through God'e eyes and live life as He intended.

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