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5 Min Life Coach: Do you run your life or does it run you?
March 23, 2014
Your Heavenly Father loves you, Jesus Himself is interceding for you.

It's been a joy to see people around the world buying my book and leaving such heart warming reviews. Thank you for your encouraging messages.

I encourage you to seek God's counsel, walk in wisdom, and make the most of the time the Lord has given you. Live your life with God's priorities in mind rather than reacting to life's demands.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

Ask the Lord to help you to recognize the strategic opportunities He puts in your path, and please avoid the trap of spoiling God's best by going after good things that simply keep you busy. Value your time, it is a precious gift.

Stay spiritually alert, and position yourself to recognize what God is doing in your life, and respond to God incidences as wonderful opportunities that impact eternity and leave a valuable legacy.

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Ask the Lord how He wants you to spend your time, be proactive, step out in faith and try new things, make plans with God, and let Him guide you through the steps you need to take to see things come to completion.

Many times I have thought something was going to go one way, and it turned out very different to how I expected it to. When we step out,even if we start off in the wrong direction, God guides us through.

Often it is the process of pursuing something that teaches us the lessons we need to enable us to grow and mature. I'm sure that as you look back on your life you will be able to see that God has guided you even through your mistakes.


Do you run your life or does it run you?

If the last thing on your list is time for you and the things that are important to you, it's time to make some changes.

How Do You Spend Your Time?

Are you constantly doing whatever shouts loudest? If time runs away from you it’s time to get it under control. Everybody has 24 hours a day. You can’t create more time but you can make better choices about how you spend the time you have.

When you choose how to spend your time, you live life purposefully and spend more time and energy on what's important to you. Honouring your priorities and focusing on one thing at a time reduces stress and helps you to accomplish more with less effort.

Multi-Tasking Is Overrated

Do you tend to think about the things you didn't get done or think about what you need to do instead of concentrating on what you're doing now? Are you trying to do too many things at once?

When you scatter your thoughts and attention you can end up being pulled in too many directions and feeling rushed.

When you multi–task you often end up with a number of things only partly done. This leaves you feeling dissatisfied and even anxious.

When you give your full attention to what you’re doing or to the people you’re speaking to, you’ll feel more satisfied.

Choosing to focus your thoughts and energy, doing one thing at a time and doing it well, helps you to do more, with increased peace and a greater sense of fulfillment.

How Do You Use Your Time?

Life is full of possibilities. You're constantly faced with choices. Because there isn't enough time to do everything you end up giving up one thing to do another. The problem is that you tend to concentrate on things you think you should do that aren't satisfying and aren't always as important as you think they are.

When you know what's important to you and have clear priorities, it's easier to make wise choices about how to spend your time.

When you focus on things that are important to you, you'll feel good because you're spending time doing what you want to do and making more effective use of your time.

Set Priorities

Setting priorities helps you to make thoughtful, informed choices about how best to spend your time. When you set priorities you live your life on purpose and usually get more done.

Ask Yourself, Why am I doing this?

  • Is it something I feel I ought to do or is it something I really want to do?
  • Could someone else do it?
  • Do I really need to do it now or could it wait?
  • Does it support my goals?
  • Does it honour my values?

Once you've decided what's important to you in each area of your life it's much easier to prioritize. You'll be free to choose the things that are important and leave the less important things for now.

Be honest with yourself about what you can do and what you want to do. Priorities change. Different things are important at different times in your life.

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Lynne Lee is a Christian life coach and life coach trainer, who helps people to see themselves through God'e eyes and live life as He intended.

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