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5 Min Coach: A Road Less Travelled: Kingdom Keys to the Life You're Longing For
October 29, 2018
Hello! I'm sorry it's been such a long time since I've been in touch!

I took an unannounced sabbatical and it did me a LOT of good!

Then I got caught up in overthinking what I was going to say to you... It's surprising how easy it is to get caught up in overthinking! The almost endless possibilities were paralysing for a while.

I wanted to to choose the 'right' things and do it the 'right' way.

I'd plan to email you but because I REALLY want to make sure what I say is helpful I'd start to think about it.

And think about it.

And, as you saw... I did nothing.

Do you sometimes struggle with over thinking too?

Try asking Jesus how thinking too much and trying to get things 'just right' is getting in your way and what He wants you to do instead.

We do better when we take a few minutes each day to set our intention and focus for the day. We do even better when we ask Holy Spirit, "What's the most important thing to do NOW?"

When we don't, we often find ourselves spending too much time spinning our wheels.

Thank you for your patience and grace as I've taken time out to restore my soul.

I have a gift for you... FREE online training

The Road Less Travelled: Kingdom Keys to the Life You're Longing For

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

There is no one else who can do what God's called you to do in the way He called you to do it.

When you reach the end of your life, your greatest regrets will likely be the God-opportunities you left on the table—the passions you abandoned and the dreams you didn't pursue because they seemed impossible, so you let circumstances and doubts get in the way.

God wants to WORK through YOU! And He's willing to start today.

You're ONE idea, ONE step of faith, ONE decision away from an amazing journey with God.

God's plan for your life is so much bigger than you imagine.

God who is able to do immeasurably more than all you can think or imagine or ask will accomplish something way beyond what you imagine IF you let Him.

You were designed with a specific purpose to be lived out with God. Holy Spirit is reviving dreams in you that have been dormant and is breathing life into them.

If you are...

  • Spinning your wheels, or letting life just happen to you and you know you're missing out on God's best
  • Wondering if what got you to where you are right now will get you to where you're supposed to go next
  • Ready to stop letting the future just happen and want to start shaping the future with God's help

Then you don't want to miss this FREE online training! I'll be sharing keys to help you take steps toward living your God-given purpose and fulfil your highest potential!

You will discover how to:

  • Choose the road less travelled with confidence
  • Partner with God to create the life He had in mind before the beginning of time
  • Discover God’s road-map for your life so that you can live your life on purpose
  • Get on the right track and stay on the right track
  • Stop playing it safe and start embracing the abundant and amazing life God has for you
  • See yourself through God's eyes and start living out of who you really are in Christ
  • Live life intentionally, co-labouring with Holy Spirit to accomplish God's call for you

This online training will give you fresh inspiration and courage to dream with God again and pursue your destiny with confident hope.

Go here to reserve your place.

Kingdom Keys to the Life You're Longing For

If life has shrunk the size of your dreams plan to join us and be inspired to find the courage to dream again and pursue your destiny with confident hope.

Your future is beckoning! It's not too late to get back in the race. NOW IS THE TIME! Are you ready?

What's the biggest obstacle in your way right now, especially for going after your God-given dreams. Hit reply and let me know!

NOW is a perfect time to get unstuck and FINALLY unlock your breakthrough — even if you've tried and failed in the past! Don't give up! If you'd like help with hearing God more often and more clearly so that you can live with His wisdom, I wrote How To Hear God with you in mind.

My prayer is that you will be inspired, encouraged, equipped to reach for more, and walk in the fullness of life that Jesus won for you as you learn how to hear His voice.

How to Hear God - Amazon USA

How to Hear God - Amazon UK

If you'd appreciate more regular updates and being able to connect with me more easily, I invite you to join me on Facebook where you'll find daily encouragement and inspiration.

How you can support this ministry

You can help me to help others by PRAYING as the Lord leads. I need wisdom, support, and encouragement to be able to continue serving the many people from all over the world who benefit from the resources they find on my coaching site.

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